Eggplant Chops

Eggplant Chops

Buttery eggplant is delicious and easy to prepare–add mozzarella cheese and it and makes a great burger alternative.

European Chicken Garlic Vegetable Soup vs. Cold and Flu Season

When you or your little one wakes up with an achy body, sore throat or a congestion, first thing that comes to your mind is: What can I do to ...

Green diapers

The Green Diaper Dilemma

How cloth, hybrid and disposable diapers stack up, and why it matters.


Healthy cookies

Anytime Oatmeal Cookies

These fresh-baked homemade healthy oatmeal cookies boast whole grain goodness, and they’re a great way to warm up the kitchen in cool autumn weather (they ...
go solar, solar systems, solar energy

Things to Consider Before You Go Solar

There are certain variables and considerations to take into account before investing in a power source that can be just as expensive as it's friendly ...
Kids and Books

Kids and Books: A Winning Combination

Story Hour founder Annie Turri talks about the importance of introducing books and storytelling to children at an early age instead of relying on media ...

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peanuts, peanut allergy, kid's health HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Feeding Infants Peanuts May Prevent Peanut Allergy

Also: Children growing up in homes with hand dish-washing have less allergies.

Grow Food Locally, food production GREEN AMBITIONS, THURSDAY NEWS

Grow Food Locally Even During Winter

Also: Baking soda and climate change fight.

apples, GMO, genetically modifed apples MONDAY NEWS

Genetically Modified Apples Now Approved in the US

Also: No more artificial colors and flavors in US Nestle products.

plastic waste, ocean health GREEN AMBITIONS, THURSDAY NEWS

How Much Plastic Waste Ends up in Oceans

Also: How Pepsi Co. rethinks recycling.


A Balanced Day for Busy Moms (Part 2)

Balance family demands by creating “alone space” at home–and learn how a spin bike can help with a quick cardio boost.

milk product MONDAY NEWS

Coca-Cola’s New Milk Product

Also: Dark chocolate is not always what it seams.

green kids, good causes GOOD CAUSES, SATURDAY NEWS

Five Green Kids Changing the World

Here are 5 examples of green kids that are each doing what they believe can help the world to be a better place.

green power, green cities, Burlington ARCHITECTURE, CLEAN ENERGY, THURSDAY NEWS

First American City to Fully Run on Green Power

Also: Restaurant made from salt also cleans air.


Breyers Ice Cream to Stop Using Milk Treated with rBST Hormone

Also: Measles and day care.


Green Is the New Red for Valentine’s Day

Homemade dark chocolate hearts are a great way to say “I love you” without having to waste paper on the box. Happy green Valentine!

homemade Valentines gifts for kids, green Valentine GREEN LIVING, LATINA VERDE

Ideas Eco Para San Valentín

Para esta temporada de San Valentín se regalan muchos obsequios que mayormente terminan en el basurero, ya q se dañan o mueren (por ejemplo las flores). Por qué no mejor regalar algo que sea creado por ti y logre una impresión que dure para siempre? Aquí les brindaremos algunas ideas que pueden crear en poco tiempo.

green architecture, living breakwaters ARCHITECTURE, THURSDAY NEWS

Living Breakwaters on Staten Island

The project combines coastal resiliency infrastructure with habitat enhancement techniques and community engagement, deploying a layered strategy that links in-water protective forms to on-shore interventions.

toddler food, kid's diet, baby diet, sodium BABY & KIDS, MONDAY NEWS

Prepackaged Toddler Food Is Often High in Sodium

Also: Many dietary supplements are not what they claim.

measles, child vaccinations HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Nine Facts Every Parent Should Know About Measles

Although measles are easily preventable, the virus is still one of the most infectious diseases known to humanity, even more infectious than ebola.

autonomy, child development BABY & KIDS, MONDAY NEWS

Kid’s Autonomy Leads to Higher Cognitive Skills

Children of mothers who are consistently able to support the development of their baby’s sense of autonomy, proved higher cognitive skills.