Yoga for Kids

Yoga isn’t just for adults; kids of all ages can get important physical and emotional benefits from learning and practicing yoga.

turmeric garlic fish, turmeric recipe, fish recipe

Turmeric Garlic Fish with Cauliflower

If you fancy more exotic and spicier flavor of your fish, try the combination of turmeric, garlic and ginger.

natural cleaning, homemade remedy

Keep Your Pipes Clean with Homemade Drain Cleaner

Simple and inexpensive way to keep your sink drain pipes clean and fresh without a plumber.


Kids and Books

Kids and Books: A Winning Combination

Story Hour founder Annie Turri talks about the importance of introducing books and storytelling to children at an early age instead of relying on media ...
hummus, holiday dip, chickpreas recipe

Easy Cheese Hummus Holiday Dip

This make-in-minutes holiday dip combines cooked chickpeas with fresh garlic and other healthy ingredients.
healthy Thanksgiving alternatives, pumpkin coconut soup

Sopa de Coco y Calabaza para Festividades

Con la llegada de las fiestas y la temporada de temperaturas bajas, las sopas son comida perfecta para que uno se mantenga calientito. La primera ...

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autonomy, child development BABY & KIDS, MONDAY NEWS

Kid’s Autonomy Leads to Higher Cognitive Skills

Children of mothers who are consistently able to support the development of their baby’s sense of autonomy, proved higher cognitive skills.

autism risk, baby's health, autism news BABY & KIDS, HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Innovative Therapy Can Helps Babies with Autism Risk

Also: Kids will consume more veggies after play.

hottest year on record, global warming, climate change THURSDAY NEWS

2014-The Hottest Year on Record

Also: New York is now the biggest city banning Styrofoam.

healthy school lunches, kid's diet BABY & KIDS, SATURDAY NEWS

Safe Home Remedies For Your Child’s Cough

Also: Children in eight US states will soon enjoy healthier school lunches from local sources.

zero waste packaging, mushroom packaging INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

Mushrooms Could be Key to Zero Waste Packaging

Also: Paris plans to ban cars from its city center.

math class, reading and math skills, child education HEALTH NEWS, LEARNING, MONDAY NEWS

Children’s Reading and Math Skills Linked to Future Success

Also: US government writes new dietary guidelines for 2015.

fast food , kid's health child education HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Fast Food Linked to Lower Test Scores in Children

Also: Cancer is predominantly caused by random mutations, not genetics or environment.

New Years resolutions, green living BUSY MOMS, WELLNESS

New Year’s Resolutions Made Simple

Follow our simple steps to integrate some popular new year’s resolutions into your daily life; you’ll see lasting results, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be.

yoga's health benefits, yoga MONDAY NEWS, WELLNESS

Yoga’s Health Benefits to Heart Equal Aerobics

Also: What foods can make you tired.

healthy pregnancy, ultrasound HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Flu Outbreak Expanding Throughout the U.S.

Also: FDA warns to avoid ‘keepsake’ ultrasounds.

Coconut macaroons, healthy dessert, coconut recipe DESSERTS, GLUTEN-FREE, KID-FRIENDLY

Fresh Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate

Making coconut macaroons from fresh coconut might take a while, but the result is worth it.


Vánočka: Sweet Holiday Egg Bread

Though the name means “Christmas bread” in Czech, this sweet and moist bread filled with dried fruit and nuts was my grandmother’s staple for any special occasion.

Christmas tree, green holidays GREEN LIVING, HEALTH NEWS, MONDAY NEWS

Rent a Christmas Tree Instead of Wasting One

Also: Unusual ways to boost your immunity.

air pollution, autism HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Particulate Air Pollution Increases Autism Risk

Also: Blood group O at lowest risk of type 2 diabetes.

Desolenator, solar desalination GOOD CAUSES, THURSDAY NEWS

Portable Solar Desalination Device for Affordable Water

Also: Reduce your water footprint with simple tips.