Christmas lights, green holidays, energy savings

5 Tips for Energy Savings During the Holidays

Energy cost can get especially high during the holidays. Following our five simple tips can save you money on electric bill, which you can use on celebrating with your loved ...

Christmas tree decorations, Green holidays

Green Holiday Decorating Ideas

Deck the halls with holiday cards, decorations, gifts and party gear that will help create more memories and less waste.

Holiday Cookies: Grandma’s Recipe Rocks the House!

A childhood favorite, Grandma's honey-sweetened holiday cookies have become a new family tradition.


hummus, holiday dip, chickpreas recipe

Easy Cheese Hummus Holiday Dip

This make-in-minutes holiday dip combines cooked chickpeas with fresh garlic and other healthy ingredients.

Navidad Verde

Muchos anticipamos la época de navidad. Aquí le presentaremos consejos útiles para que en estas navidades pueda tener una navidad eco verde.
healthy Thanksgiving alternatives, pumpkin coconut soup

Sopa de Coco y Calabaza para Festividades

Con la llegada de las fiestas y la temporada de temperaturas bajas, las sopas son comida perfecta para que uno se mantenga calientito. La primera ...

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Portable Solar Desalination Device for Affordable Water

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Prenatal Exposure to Chemicals Linked to Lower IQ

Also: Probiotics and our health.

whooping cough, Pertussis bacteria, child immunizations HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Whooping Cough Outbreak is Back

Also: Dropping birthrate creates economic concerns.

green architecture, Bullitt Center ARCHITECTURE, GOOD CAUSES, THURSDAY NEWS

The Most Efficient Building in the World

Also: Old laptop batteries could be providing power in the developing world.

educational toys, kids with autism, kids with dissabilities FAMILY, MONDAY NEWS

Educational Toys for Kids with Disabilities

Also: Most California parents support healthy school meals.


Health Benefits of Circumcision Outweigh Risks

Also: Longer breastfeeding improves health and saves money for healthcare.

beef farming , sustainable farming THURSDAY NEWS

Reducing Meat Consumption is Crucial to Climate Fight

Also: McDonald’s turns to Canada for sustainable beef.

toy overkill, green parenting, green kids FAMILY, GREEN PARENTING, PRODUCTS

Green Parenting vs. the Real World: Toy Overkill

Toys can be useful and beneficial for child’s development, but as parents we should be careful and selective about them. The reality is, that toys are coming to your child from all directions, and chances are the those that give the toys as gifts mean well for your child (and his parents).

Carbohydrates, health news HEALTH NEWS, MONDAY NEWS

Carbohydrates Might Be More Harmful Than Saturated Fats

Also: Instant noodle intake linked to health risks.

homemade holiday gifts, innexpensive gifts FOOD, GREEN LIVING

Homemade Holiday Gifts and Edible Decorations

Homemade–and edible–decorations and gifts make holiday gifting a win-win situation that will also set a great example for kids.

watercress, superfoods HEALTH NEWS, MONDAY NEWS

The Ten Green Superfoods

Also: Autism diagnosis is on the rise in the U.S.A.

green shopping BUSY MOMS, GREEN LIVING

Make Your Black Friday Greener

If you’re hitting the stores after Turkey Day, make your shopping expedition part of the solution rather than adding to the pollution!

Graco stroller recall, baby stroller recall BUSY MOMS, PRODUCTS, SATURDAY NEWS

Graco Recalls Eleven Stroller Models

Also: Disciplining children and time-outs.

edible food packaging, edible cups, reducing food waste ECOTRAVEL, INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

Edible Food Packaging is the Future of Zero Waste

Also: Is Airbnb the new green hotel alternative?

child education, school performance LEARNING, MONDAY NEWS

Mother’s Age Linked to Child’s School Performance

Also: Mission to bring quality child education worldwide.