healthy Thanksgiving, healthy desserts

Healthy Thanksgiving Feast Additions

Our roasted Brussels sprouts side dish, savory pasta and kale sauté and a new twist on traditional pumpkin pie may be just the answer to the "What should I bring?" ...

lentils recipe, fish recipe, spinach recipe

Fish with Lentils and Sauteed Garlic Spinach

What can be more nutritious than combining fresh wild-caught fish with a side of lentils and a sauteed garlic spinach.

Whole Grain Lasagna with Chicken and Vegetables

Whole Grain Lasagna with Chicken and Vegetables

Whole grain lasagna adds nutrients; layering lets you sneak sneak some in some veggies between oodles of glorious cheese.


healthy Thanksgiving alternatives, pumpkin coconut soup

Sopa de Coco y Calabaza para Festividades

Con la llegada de las fiestas y la temporada de temperaturas bajas, las sopas son comida perfecta para que uno se mantenga calientito. La primera ...
simple tips to lower bad cholesterol, healthy habits

Simple Tips To Lower Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol has been one of the main causes of heart and coronary diseases. Here are a few simple tips how to lower the bad cholesterol ...

Recycle Idea: Build a New Desk from Old Closet Doors

Old doors go horizontal as a sleek, modern workspace.

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Edible Food Packaging is the Future of Zero Waste

Also: Is Airbnb the new green hotel alternative?

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Mother’s Age Linked to Child’s School Performance

Also: Mission to bring quality child education worldwide.

cocoa health benefits, memeory loss HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Cocoa Might Help Reversing Memory Loss

Also: Bilingual brains have better capacity to process information.

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Bicycling will Increase with Good Infrastructure

Also: Possibly the greenest solar farm ever.

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Colon Cancer Increasing among Young Adults

Also: Foods bad for male fertility.

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Low-Impact Diet and Climate Change

Also: New e-highway in Los Angeles offers a silent and zero-emission drive.

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Caesarean Section May Increase Baby’s Risk of Autism

Also: Chemical found in broccoli sprouts may reduce symptoms of autism .

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Isla Pops: New Green Business on a Green Island

Isla Pops is a new green company based in Puerto Rico, with a mission to keep kids on a healthy diet while being cooled off and entertained with their all natural fruit pops.

green architecture, green city ARCHITECTURE, INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

Compost and Climate Change

Also: Unique new bike lane in Copenhagen.

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New Point Guide to Cancer Prevention

Also: Basic kids’ health symptoms that should never be ignored.

green architecture, clean power, ocen's waves ARCHITECTURE, INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

Beach House Powered By The Ocean’s Energy

Also: Solar battery powered by light and air.

Halloween Verde LATINA VERDE

Halloween: El Dia de las Brujas Verde Para Madres Ocupadas

Halloween Verde: Este Dia de las Brujas puedes escoger una de las tareas de este dia y dedicarte a hacertela mas facil. Algunas sugerencias para ayudarte en tu mision.

GMO labeling, natural products, breakfast cereal HEALTH NEWS, MONDAY NEWS

High Animal Protein Consumption Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Also: Many foods labeled as “natural” in the U.S. contain GMOs.

blueberries, superfoods BUSY MOMS, GUEST BLOGGER, PREGNANCY

Superfoods for Super Moms!

How do you make smart nutritional choices while budgeting both time and money? Superfoods might be your answer-they are convenient, can be found everywhere, and are easy to prepare.

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15 Items That Will Keep Your Home Clean and Green

Stock up on the “clean 15,” and you’ll be able to clean just about anything.