healthy snacks for kids, growing child

How to Get Your Growing Child the Nutrients He Needs

The best ways to ensure your growing child is getting the nutrients he needs.

Zemlovka-apple cinnamon bread pudding

Žemlovka: Baked Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Žemlovka may look hard to pronounce, but it's easy to enjoy for anyone who fancies apple-cinnamon pies or bread pudding.

kids and science, science projects for kids

Five Fun Science Projects for Kids

These five science experiments will get any kid excited about science.


importance of music education

La Importancia de la Música en el Crecimiento de Los Niños

A través de las generaciones la música ha tenido un rol constante en el crecimiento de cada ser humano. Tan esencial que desde muy temprana ...
Teach kids water conservation

Teach Your Kids about Water Conservation

World Water and Earth Week offer a great opportunity to teach your kids about water conservation from early on with a few simple tips that ...
measles virus, measles outbreak

9 Detalles Que Todo Padre Debe De Saber Acerca Del Sarampión

Aunque el Sarampión es fácil de prevenir, es una de las enfermedades mas infecciosas conocidas por la humanidad.

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green billboard, design innovation INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

Highway Billboard in Peru Grows Lettuce and Generates Water

Also: New buildings in France must have either solar or green roofs.

breastfeeding baby, breastfeeding benefits GREEN PARENTING, HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Breastfeeding Linked to Higher Intelligence

Also: How to manage food allergies.


Baby Wipes Don’t Belong to Toilet

Also: San Francisco is the first city to ban sale of plastic bottles.

tuna salad, healthy pregnancy, tuna consumption PREGNANCY, SATURDAY NEWS

Tuna Consumption and Healthy Pregnancy

Also: High levels of vitamin D linked to cardiovascular deaths.

design innovation, food waste CLEAN ENERGY, INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

2014 Was the Best Year for Solar Energy

Also: The “green heart” helps reducing food waste.

recycling in garden GARDEN, GREEN LIVING

Simple Recycling Ideas for Your Garden

Make your garden even greener by giving old or unneeded objects like plastic bottles, tires or wooden palettes a new purpose.

garden decorations GREEN LIVING, LATINA VERDE

La Primavera en el Jardín

Aquí le brindamos diversas ideas, usando gomas viejas, plástico, papel, latas, y muchas cosas más que tenemos en nuestro propio hogar o comunidad y sin gastar mucho dinero.

peanuts, heart health HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Autism Isn’t Actually on the Rise

Also: Peanuts and heart health.

green architecture, prefabricated home ARCHITECTURE, THURSDAY NEWS

First Carbon-Positive Prefabricated Home

Also: Green dome home made from reclaimed wood.


Eggplant Chops

Buttery eggplant is delicious and easy to prepare–add mozzarella cheese and it and makes a great burger alternative.

peanuts, peanut allergy, kid's health HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Feeding Infants Peanuts May Prevent Peanut Allergy

Also: Children growing up in homes with hand dish-washing have less allergies.

Grow Food Locally, food production GREEN AMBITIONS, THURSDAY NEWS

Grow Food Locally Even During Winter

Also: Baking soda and climate change fight.

apples, GMO, genetically modifed apples MONDAY NEWS

Genetically Modified Apples Now Approved in the US

Also: No more artificial colors and flavors in US Nestle products.


Anytime Oatmeal Cookies

These fresh-baked homemade healthy oatmeal cookies boast whole grain goodness, and they’re a great way to warm up the kitchen in cool autumn weather (they make a perfect lunchbox treat, too). They are also a great way to get kids to snack healthy.

plastic waste, ocean health GREEN AMBITIONS, THURSDAY NEWS

How Much Plastic Waste Ends up in Oceans

Also: How Pepsi Co. rethinks recycling.