Teach kids water conservation

Teach Your Kids about Water Conservation

World Water and Earth Week offer a great opportunity to teach your kids about water conservation from early on with a few simple tips that will help them appreciate it.

oatmeal cookies, healthy snack, healthy dessert

Semi-Sweet Eggless Oatmeal Cookies with Dark Choco

These easy to make semi-sweet and eggless oatmeal cookies are not only a nutritious snack but also a fun recipe to try with your kids in the kitchen.

homemade games and toys

Homemade Games and Play Ideas

Avoid falling into the consumer toy trap. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive and eco-friendly homemade toys, games and other creative kid stuff.


Pregnancy After 40: Understanding the Risks

Understanding the risks that come with pregnancy after 40 is essential not only for the mom-to-be but her baby as well.
lemons, natural cleaning

Healthy Home: Natural Solutions To Harsh Cleaning Products

Maintaining a clean, healthy home environment with natural products can be fun and simple. Here are some natural cleaning solutions that can tackle almost any ...
Lyme disease

Protect Your Family Against Lyme Disease

Summer–and vacation time–is in full bloom. Don't give Lyme disease a chance to spoil your outdoor fun with friends and family.

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How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

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Hemp House Pulls CO2 From the Air

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First US School District to Serve Organic Meals

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Why to Avoid Farm-Raised Salmon

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Parents Base Child’s Happiness on Their own Feelings

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homemade babyfood, healthy baby BABY & KIDS, RECIPES, VIDEOS

Homemade Baby Food (Part One)

This episode of Living Green with Baby introduces our first homemade baby food recipe with just three ingredients and some added spices and demonstrates how easy and quick it is to prepare a one-week supply.

new blood test, health news HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

New Blood Test Can Identify Past Exposures to Infections

Also: Parental age and child’s autism risk.


Eco and Agritourism: A Green Island Is Turning Even Greener

Ecotourism is growing as a global travel trend, and Puerto Rico is swiftly responding.

floatovoltaics, clean energy CLEAN ENERGY, INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

Floatovoltaics and Their Role in Clean Energy

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Eggless pancakes, whole wheat pancakes, healthy pancakes KID-FRIENDLY, RECIPES

Easy Eggless Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries

This simple recipe for nutritious homemade pancakes allows for a lot of creativity for both flavor and shape.

olive oil, nutrition news MONDAY NEWS

The Latest Facts About Olive Oil

Also: Some brands of bottled water recalled due to E. Coli.

Beer: It's Good for You FOOD, WELLNESS

Beer: It’s Good for You

We’ve got plenty of ideas and info on tap to keep a brew enthusiast happy and–who knew?–healthy.

cohousing, green living, green architecture ARCHITECTURE, THURSDAY NEWS

Cohousing Project in Berlin Shows New Options

Also: NASA’s data confirms rapid water depletion in aquifers.

green citiies, bicycling city GREEN LIVING, THURSDAY NEWS

The Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities

Also: Cancer risk from toxic contaminants tripled in California.