Homemade baby food 101

Homemade Baby Food 101

Making your own baby food will save you time and money in the long run; most importantly, you get to choose the ingredients.

Easter decorations, green Easter

Green Easter Decorations And Healthy Treats

These simple Easter craft, decorating and gift ideas require little or no expense and very little time.

veggie skewers, vegetarian meal

Easy Veggie Skewers for Any Occasion

An alternative to grilled meats or just a great way to enjoy fresh veggies, these skewers offer a colorful palette of possibilities.


Teach kids water conservation

Teach Your Kids about Water Conservation

World Water and Earth Week offer a great opportunity to teach your kids about water conservation from early on with a few simple tips that ...
healthy apple strudl, healthy holiday desserts

10 Tips for Healthier Holiday Desserts

So you can have your cake...and keep the indulgence factor in check.
homemade toothpaste recipe, Latina verde

Cómo Hacer tu Propia Pasta de Dientes con Ingredientes Naturales

Receta facil para la pasta de dientes con ingredientes naturales.

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rice grain, rice and toxicity MONDAY NEWS, NEWS & LINKS

Brown Rice and Toxicity

Also: School bans on chocolate milk led to milk consumption drop.


Green Easter Crafts

Holidays–especially Easter–can be tricky when you’re raising your child to be environmentally conscious. Let’s get creative, support fair trade production and consume less this Easter!


Warka Water Towers Could Make Drinking Water From Thin Air

Also: Project “Akon Lighting Africa” takes off; IKEA’s biggest clean energy investment.

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Milk Consumption Might Relieve Arthritis Pain

Also: A new pill might soon prevent the flu virus; Fun Donkey products for kids and Easter.

Green architecture, organic architecture ARCHITECTURE, CLEAN ENERGY, THURSDAY NEWS

The Future of Solar Panels

Also: Organic house by a Mexican architect Javier Senosiain; The latest United Nations report on climate change.

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Autism Might Be Connected to Faulty Prenatal Brain Growth

Also: Latest findings about saturated fat and heart disease; New wearable device to monitor human health 24/7.

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Climate Change and Bad, Expensive Coffee

Also: Amount of Californians embracing green transportation doubled since 2000; High-rise apartment building resembles a giant tree.


Eco and Agritourism: A Green Island Is Turning Even Greener

Ecotourism is growing as a global travel trend, and Puerto Rico is swiftly responding.

baby dental care CARE, PRODUCTS, RECIPES

Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste

Making your own natural toothpaste at home is easier than you think. With just few ingredients, you can create your very personal toothpaste for yourself and your family, control what goes in and achieve the flavor you desire. The following natural toothpaste recipe is my personal favorite, using peppermint essential oil with both grapefruit seed […]

garden compost, composting 101 GARDEN, VIDEOS

Garden Compost 101: Basic Steps for Using Compost in Your Garden

Join Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine, for a step-by-step walk-through of the garden composting basics.

travel water bottle with filter, smart water bottle HEALTH NEWS, PREGNANCY, SATURDAY NEWS

Pregnant Women Consuming Nuts Lower Their Kids Chances for Allergies

Also: Anti-anxiety and sleeping pills linked to higher mortality; Smart self-filtering water bottle and a flashlight in one.

green architecture, affordable living ARCHITECTURE, INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

New Greener and Safer Alternative to BPA from Paper-making Waste

Also: A dream mini-home for just $9,000; E-waste brings new business opportunities to the developing world.

simple tips to lower bad cholesterol, healthy habits HEALTH NEWS, WELLNESS

Simple Tips To Lower Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol has been one of the main causes of heart and coronary diseases. Here are a few simple tips how to lower the bad cholesterol levels.

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New Measles Outbreak

Also: New Food Theme park to Open in Italy; How dangerous is telling a little lie to your child.


Vegan Cilantro Pesto

This vegan version of traditional Italian pesto is made without cheese and uses slightly different ingredients.