An Afternoon Smoothie Is Absolute Bliss

Who doesn’t love fruit drinks? And if they’re healthy and easy to prepare, what’s not to love?

kids and travel, travelling with toddler

Traveling with Kids on Public Transit

Traveling with kids on public transit can be a real challenge to combine both the need for transportation, and enjoyment of the little one's experience.

kids and autism

A Creative Workshop for Kids with Autism

Any form of creativity helps kids with autism express themselves and discover new forms of communication. Creating art helps bridge the complicated gaps between "normal" and "different."


Lyme disease

Protect Your Family Against Lyme Disease

Summer–and vacation time–is in full bloom. Don't give Lyme disease a chance to spoil your outdoor fun with friends and family.

Healthy Homemade Chocolate Banana Pops

It's hard to resist the great-together flavors of a frozen banana with a crisp dark chocolate shell.
Creative learning, fun learning, child-parent interaction

Creative Learning: Fun Drawing with Counting

This interactive game is fun and educational for both parent and child and it even encourages kids to have a fruit snack after.

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Giving Up Beef is Greener Than Walking

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Epidural During Delivery Can Reduce Postpartum Depression

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Olives: California’s Next Possible Oil Rush

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Big Nutritional Differences Between Organic and Non-Organic Food

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The Use of Antiviral and Antibiotic Medications

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Bicycling is Win Win for All

Also: New smog-eating roofing tiles developed by students.

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School Girl’s Science Project Changed Real Science

Also: Types of foods better to be avoided for a good health.

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Home Remedy Kit for Your Family Vacation

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Carbohydrates and Climate Change

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Big Food Companies and Sugar

Also: Green tea in high doses can damage your liver.

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Pesticide Exposure Increases Risk of Autism

Also: Natural remedies for some seasonal allergies.


A New European Green Program for Commuters

Also: The 2014 guide to water and beach pollution.

pudding cheese cake, healthy dessert, kid-friendly DESSERTS, GLUTEN-FREE

Pudding Cottage Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit

The recipe for this cottage cheese pudding cake came from a favorite childhood pudding snack. It can also be made with a gluten-free crust.

healthy breakfast for kids KID-FRIENDLY, RECIPES

Healthy Breakfast Burrito

A healthy breakfast is an important foundation for a busy day. Wraps and pockets are a smart way to make sure picky eaters get the nutrients they need.

air-purifying plants, English Ivy GARDEN, GREEN LIVING, HOME DESIGN

Plants That Purify the Air in Your Home

Many house plants do a great job at air filtration (and look great at the same time).