kids and travel, travelling with toddler

Traveling with Kids on Public Transit

Traveling with kids on public transit can be a real challenge to combine both the need for transportation, and enjoyment of the little one's experience.

kids and autism

A Creative Workshop for Kids with Autism

Any form of creativity helps kids with autism express themselves and discover new forms of communication. Creating art helps bridge the complicated gaps between "normal" and "different."

pudding cheese cake, healthy dessert, kid-friendly

Pudding Cottage Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit

The recipe for this cottage cheese pudding cake came from a favorite childhood pudding snack. It can also be made with a gluten-free crust.


Healthy Homemade Chocolate Banana Pops

It's hard to resist the great-together flavors of a frozen banana with a crisp dark chocolate shell.
Creative learning, fun learning, child-parent interaction

Creative Learning: Fun Drawing with Counting

This interactive game is fun and educational for both parent and child and it even encourages kids to have a fruit snack after.
art of potty training, potty training tips

The Art of Potty Training: Tips from Real Moms

We asked five moms from around the world to share their experiences–and we've turned it into some very practical advice..

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climate change, trees and climate change THURSDAY NEWS

Carbohydrates and Climate Change

Also: Whole Foods and sustainable flowers.

green tea benefits, green tea and liver damage HEALTH NEWS, MONDAY NEWS

Big Food Companies and Sugar

Also: Green tea in high doses can damage your liver.

autism, pesticide exposure HEALTH NEWS, SATURDAY NEWS

Pesticide Exposure Increases Risk of Autism

Also: Natural remedies for some seasonal allergies.


A New European Green Program for Commuters

Also: The 2014 guide to water and beach pollution.

healthy breakfast for kids KID-FRIENDLY, RECIPES

Healthy Breakfast Burrito

A healthy breakfast is an important foundation for a busy day. Wraps and pockets are a smart way to make sure picky eaters get the nutrients they need.

air-purifying plants, English Ivy GARDEN, GREEN LIVING, HOME DESIGN

Plants That Purify the Air in Your Home

Many house plants do a great job at air filtration (and look great at the same time).

dairy alternatives, milk alternatives HEALTH NEWS, MONDAY NEWS

Dairy Milk Alternatives And Their Health Benefits

Also: Canola oil for type 2 diabetes and bad cholesterol.

Beer: It's Good for You FOOD, WELLNESS

Beer: It’s Good for You

We’ve got plenty of ideas and info on tap to keep a brew enthusiast happy and–who knew?–healthy.

fighting mosquitoes, natural remedy ARCHITECTURE, INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

New Ways of Fighting Mosquitoes

Also: A portable green living cell designed by students.

bilingual kids, kids and languages GOOD CAUSES, MONDAY NEWS, NEWS & LINKS

Health Benefits of Learning Other Languages

Also: Fighting poverty one bowl of soup at a time.

secondary drowning, kids and swimming BABY & KIDS, CARE, SATURDAY NEWS

Kids and the Danger of Secondary Drowning

Also: Expensive sunscreen could be a dangerous waste of money.

kids and sunscreen, sun protection, sun lotion for kids BABY & KIDS, CARE, WELLNESS

Sunscreen Primer: Get the Facts Before You Hit the Beach

Find out which sunscreens offer the best, safest protection for you and your kids.

kids and fast food, happy meal, kids' diet, child obesity GOOD CAUSES, MONDAY NEWS

Kids’ Menu at Fast Food Restaurants

Also: Big companies helping coffee growers.

creative learning, kids and food, kids and creativity, creative workshop FAMILY, FOOD, GREEN PARENTING

Creative Learning: Make Your Own Pizza!

We let kids create their own mini-pizzas from a choice of healthy toppings, bake their creations and–of course–eat them.

cloth diapers, green parenting, diaper dilemma FAMILY, GREEN PARENTING

Green Parenting vs. the Real World: Let’s Talk About Poop

Green Parenting vs. the Real World: Diapers are a huge problem in today world.