blueberries, superfoods

Superfoods for Super Moms!

How do you make smart nutritional choices while budgeting both time and money? Superfoods might be your answer-they are convenient, can be found everywhere, and are easy to prepare.

homemade cleaners

15 Items That Will Keep Your Home Clean and Green

Stock up on the "clean 15," and you'll be able to clean just about anything.

Kids and Halloween

Green Halloween and Healthy Trick-or-Treat Alternatives

Halloween is a perfect time to teach children about making healthy choices.


healthy Halloween

Halloween Giveaway with Kidstir

A good way to get kids inspired to avoid overindulging, is to get them involved in preparing few healthy and fun snacks themselves. Our Halloween ...
Comidas Saludables y Creativas Para Niños

Comidas Saludables y Creativas Para Niños

Cocinar comidas creativas y saludables puede ser divertido y conseguir que se entusiasmen con los alimentos que están normalmente en su lista de "no me ...
health benefits of coconut oil, homemade skin care

Homemade Skin Hydration Tips for Busy Moms

Taking a few extra moments to care for your skin during this seasonal transition time will keep you well-prepared and feeling pampered in the cooler ...

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GMO labeling, natural products, breakfast cereal HEALTH NEWS, MONDAY NEWS

High Animal Protein Consumption Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Also: Many foods labeled as “natural” in the U.S. contain GMOs.

clean energy, solar power plant CLEAN ENERGY, LEARNING, THURSDAY NEWS

Heart-Shaped Solar Power Plant

Also: The Green School project in Bali.

recycled phone booth, solar station INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

Unused London Phone Booths Turned Into Free Solar Charging Stations

Also: Beijing encourages recycling with free service exchange.

gluten sensitivity, Celiac Disease, glutenfree HEALTH NEWS, MONDAY NEWS

Gluten Sensitivity Might Not Always Mean Celiac Disease

Also: New data indicates childhood vaccines are safe.

antibiotics in food production THURSDAY NEWS

California’s Leader Calls for No Antibiotics in Food Production

Also: Detroit could be the next climate refuge center.

green baby shower ideas GREEN LIVING, PREGNANCY

Green Baby Shower Ideas

Having a green baby shower is a good way to get started on raising your child as green and Earth-responsible as possible. It’s also a great opportunity to engage your friends and family in your efforts.

raw peanuts, nut allergy, peanut allergy MONDAY NEWS

Eat Raw Nuts to Prevent Triggering a Nut Allergy

Also: Early intervention could possibly reverse autism.

Cooking with kids, Kidstir, green parenting FAMILY, GREEN PARENTING, PRODUCTS

Cooking with Kids: Kidstir and What’s in the Box

Kidstir brings cooking with kids to another level.

Algea building, green architecture ARCHITECTURE, INNOVATION, THURSDAY NEWS

The Ultimate Green Building Powered by Algae

Also: Climate change and family planning.

city kids, brooklyn, urban family, brooklyn flea, 6sqft FAMILY, NEWS & LINKS

City Kids: The Trials and Triumphs of Raising Kids in the City

NYC blog 6sqft recently featured this enlightening Q & A with five parents that highlights why they love raising kids in an urban environment despite the many challenges.


Women Eating More Fish Might Save Their Hearing

Also: Sole focus on physical activity could be ruining kids’ playtime.

antibiotics, resistance to antibiotics FAMILY, HEALTH NEWS

The Facts About an Increasing Resistance to Antibiotics

The latest data on antibiotics resistance threats in the United States outlines facts that are important to be aware as well as ways of prevention.

Sarah House Utah, green architecture, container houses ARCHITECTURE, CLEAN ENERGY, THURSDAY NEWS

Stylish and Affordable Shipping Container Homes

Also: Tesla on a mission to supercharge Europe.


AB Blood Type Linked to Memory Loss

Also: Successful HPV vaccine program in Australia.

healthy exotic dish, tropical delight RECIPES, VEGETARIAN

Coconut Curry Lime and Eggplant Delight

When we’re craving a subtle mix of tropical flavors, this coconut curry lime eggplant recipe does the trick.