3 Reasons to Get Your Family Involved in Recycling


Many families today recycle variety of households goods, that would otherwise simply end up in the garbage can. Recycling has clear benefits that should be considered. Household items made of plastic, glass, paper, or metals are most likely to be recyclable, however each municipality, state and country has their own policies and recycling programs. Although there are numerous educational programs teaching the importance of recycling, it should be  parent’s responsibility to teach their kids how recycling helps the economy, the environment, and reduces energy usage.

sustainable recycling, reciclar, ninos y reciclaje1. Teach your Kids the Economic Benefits of Recycling
Anytime we can do something to make the economy better, it is a good situation. Your kids also need to know how the economy works and how it can be affected by something as simple and good as recycling. When it is something so simple like throwing your junk mail into the recycling bin instead of the trash can, it is an ideal situation. When you recycle goods, they do help our economy. For example, there are many companies that rely on the raw materials that are created by recycling so that they can make new products.

Similarly, recycling can create jobs. First of all, your recycled materials have to be collected, processed, and packaged for markets. Second, the recycled materials are used to make new products. Manufacturing jobs are created when items dame of metals are sent to the smelter or plastic is sent to plastic manufacturing plants. In addition, recycling and buying recycled products creates new demand for more recycled products, which is good for the economy. Bottom line, if you are teaching your kids the importance of recycling, then you are helping them to have a positive impact on the economy as well.


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2. Teach your Kids the Environmental Benefits of Recycling
Recycling is also good for the environment. Teaching our children to recycle is a great way to teach them the importance of taking care of the environment and our planet. Recycling reduces waste, therefore less goes into landfills or gets incinerated polluting our air. Since each person makes an average of 4.6 pounds of garbage per day, recycling garbage is significant for our environment as waste also contributes to pollution and therefore climate change.

Additionally, recycling uses fewer natural resources than depositing garbage into a landfill. Since landfill space requires premium land area, it is helpful when we reduce the amount of garbage we put into them. Nobody wants a new landfill established, especially if they have to live near it.

3. Teach your Kids the Energy Benefits of Recycling
Recycling uses far less energy than throwing garbage into a landfill. As your children are growing up, they need to understand the importance of energy conservation and clean energy alternatives. When they leave home for the real world they will need the knowledge of saving energy to help reduce their own energy bills each month. Companies such as Tri-State Disposal even make it very simple for us to recycle by providing home recycling pick-ups, reducing the need of driving your recyclables to collection facilities and wasting your time and energy to do so. Making new products from recycled materials also uses far less energy than using new materials. For example, using recycled aluminum cans uses 95% less energy than using new materials to make the same product.

As you see, recycling is very beneficial and crucial for our lives, while it can also be a very creative activity and a lots of fun. You can engage your family in the tasks of rinsing and sorting your household items to be recycled and challenge your kids to find things made from recycled materials that they use or play with. Get inspired by some of our homemade games and play ideas, or practical recycling/re-purposing ideas such as this home office desk and many more. When you start recycling at your own house today and teach your kids to do so, you help our world for many years to come, and your kids will proudly teach their friends as well.

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