5 Green Ways To Combat Bad Breath


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Anyone could develop a case of bad breath at some point in their life. Poor diet, lifestyle habits like drinking alcohol and smoking, or problems with the teeth and gums can all contribute to bad breath. If you want to eliminate bad breath in a green and natural way, consider these tips.

1. Eat healthy, low odor foods
Avoid foods that lean heavily on onions, garlic and spices, which can linger on the breath for many hours after consumption. Add greener, leafy vegetables and a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and fruits. WebMd recommends snacking on celery, apples or carrots, which contain high amounts of water that helps to clean teeth and hydrate mouth tissues to prevent bad breath.

2. See your dentist to repair tooth problems
One of the biggest causes of bad breath is untreated tooth decay. Cracked fillings can trap food particles that might be difficult to remove with daily dental care. Trapped food can lead to gum disease and infections, which can cause foul-smelling breath. Long standing tooth decay can also cause a bad odor to come from the mouth. Make sure to see your dentist on a regular basis, ideally every six months, for professional teeth cleaning and check up. If your teeth are badly decayed, a specialized or cosmetic dentist can help repairing them, restoring your smile and eliminating any bad odor too.

3. Use a tongue scraper daily
Many people don’t know that food particles and bacteria can become trapped in the crevices on the surface of the tongue, leading to unpleasant mouth odors. You can purchase a tongue scraper at your local drug store to use daily. Simply run it over the surface of your tongue several times each morning, and you can remove tiny particles that contribute to bad breath.

4. Saline wash to relieve sinus conditions
Chronic allergy and sinus problems can also contribute to bad breath by creating a constant post-nasal drip. If you have allergies or sinus problems, talk to your doctor about effective ways to manage symptoms. Many physicians are beginning to understand the benefits of nasal irrigation to help sinus problems, as well as symptoms of allergy. For example, the neti pot has been used in India for thousands of years to clean sinus passages and reduce inflammation of tissues. With a little practice, you can use this ancient method to ensure healthier sinuses and less inflammation that can contribute to mouth odors.

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5 . Freshen breath with orange rind or herbs
Although there are number of mouthwashes on the market to help fight bad breath, many of these rinses contain a variety of harsh compounds that can irritate mouth tissues and compound the problem. If you prefer a natural, green breath freshener, try chewing on a bit of orange or lemon rind for a few minutes. You will get a burst of flavor and instant freshening of mouth tissues. You can also chew on a small bit of cooking herbs, such as basil, cloves, cilantro or parsley, to neutralize odors and give your mouth a fresher taste.

Since scientists never sleep, new products such as sugar-free dental candy that eliminates bad bacteria in the mouth, have already been developed and will soon be available on the market too.

Scrupulous oral hygiene can prevent mouth odors and bad breath in most cases. However, if you have a stubborn bad breath problem, talk to you dentist about natural ways to keep your teeth and mouth tissues healthy and odor-free. And if you have children, don’t forget that proper dental care starts with babies.

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