A Glass of Wine During Pregnancy Could Help Your Baby’s Mental Health


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  • Humans use both sides of the brain: New research recently published in the journal Plos One further debunked the myth that each side of the human brain performs completely different functions. The two-year study by neuroscientists at the University of Utah studied one thousand participants aged 7 to 29. Researchers first separated the brain into 7,000 regions, then scanned the participants’ brains as they were relaxing, reading or talking. The results indicated that although certain functions showed up only on one side of the brain, most functions were recorded by both sides.
  • A glass of wine during pregnancy could help your baby’s mental health: According to a new study from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, children whose mothers drank moderately during pregnancy (about two drinks a week) experienced better mental health than children whose mothers completely abstained from drinking. However, as researchers pointed out, other lifestyle factors such as healthy diet, regular exercise or non smoking have a huge impact on the mental health of a baby as well, so moderate drinking is not the sole factor. Dr. David Streitman, an associate professor of maternal fetal medicine at Magee Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, stated: “This study shows a correlation, not causation, between moderate alcohol consumption and a child’s mental health. But we need to be wary when interpreting the results.” Complete abstinence from drinking during pregnancy is still the safest approach.
  • Artificially sweetened drinks are just like a glass of water for our gut health: According to a new study from the University of Adelaide in Australia recently published in the journal Diabetes Care, drinking artificially sweetened drinks is just like drinking a glass of water, with no negative effect on our gut. However, the study’s authors warn that long term consumption of those sweeteners might not be safe on our bodies, therefore everything in moderation. Long-term effect studies of artificial sweeteners have not been conducted yet.
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