Avocado Ice Cream with Chia Seeds


Sometimes good things happen by accident, as was the case of this avocado ice cream. One hot afternoon I was going to make a refreshing smoothie from my frozen supplies. Since I tend to stick to my favorites, I usually do the same smoothie every time: blending banana, papaya, mango and ginger. But while searching in my freezer I found frozen avocado and I felt like experimenting a bit. I allowed it to thaw for about 5 minutes since it was deep frozen. In the meantime, I soaked some chia seeds in homemade yogurt. Then added it to a blender together with frozen bananas and a spoon of honey and blended it as usual. However, the final consistency was too thick, more like a “softee” ice cream, and I ended up eating it with a spoon. It was a very pleasant surprise and I later tested my “accidental discovery” on few 4-year-olds, who couldn’t get enough of it.

This recipe has suggested amounts, so feel free to experiment with the amount of avocado and bananas based on your personal taste. If you prefer more liquid consistency, add some milk.

Avocado ice cream

Photo courtesy of Omid Tavallai via Flickr

Ingredients (4-6 servings)

2 cups frozen avocado, peeled and chopped
2 cups frozen banana, peeled and chopped
1.5 cups plain yogurt
1/2 cup fresh milk (or soy, almond or rice milk)-optional
1 tablespoon chia seeds, pre-soaked
1 tablespoon honey-optional

Avocado ice cream, healthy snack, healthy dessert

1. Soak chia seeds in yogurt or milk at room temperature for 5-10 minutes

2. Add frozen fruit to blender or food processor and follow with yogurt or milk with chia seeds and honey.

3. Blend on “crush” setting to break larger chunks.

4. Then blend on speed 2 to 4 until all ingredients become smooth.
5. Serve in a small bowl with a spoon.

You can also freeze your softie in plastic or aluminum containers with airtight lids and serve them later, either as:

– smoothie: remove container from freezer and allow to sit at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes; serve in glass with a straw. You can also give it a whirl in the blender for a smoother texture.
– sorbet: remove container from freezer and allow to sit at room temperature for about 5 minutes; serve with a spoon. For a smoother sherbet, blend for few seconds on a crush setting and serve in a small bowl or glass with a spoon.
avocado banana ice cream, Chia seeds

Nutritional facts and health benefits of chia seeds:

Chia seeds are very rich in fiber  (1 tablespoon provides 19% of the recommended daily fiber), healthy fats, and antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. They are a good source of insoluble fiber since the seeds expand and form a gel when they come into contact with water. This gel keeps bowel movements regular and helps prevent constipation. Chia seeds are also high in calcium, iron, and magnesium; 1 tablespoon provides 7 to 9% of the recommended daily amount of these minerals. Chia seeds are also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 and essential fatty acids (their oil is even richer than flax seed oil).

Resources: NIH, WebMD

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Author:Katka Konecna-Rivera

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