Baby Bath Time Tips


Developing a good bath time routine can be essential for baby’s good night sleep. Baby bath time can be tricky, even for experienced moms–no wonder first-time moms often get nervous. It might take some time to establish a comfortable routine and get your baby accustomed to it, too.

Here are few useful tips:

  • Make sure everything you need for your baby bath is handy and within an arm reach, so you never have to leave your baby alone, even for a second.
  • Use baby products free of Parabens, Phthalates, PEG and fragrance since baby skin is very sensitive and some chemicals can have negative health effects.
  • Keep one arm on your baby at all times.
  • Bathing using a sponge or a soft wash cloth is recommended.
  • Use warm water at 94-96 degrees F in a warm room with no draft of about 75 degrees F.
  • No need to shampoo baby’s hair at every bath, but focus on cleaning areas where dirt and dry milk can accumulate–like under the neck, behind ears, between fingers and toes.
  • Have a warm, soft towel handy to wrap him up right after the bath.

Bath time with older babies becomes play time: Empty bottles are great to have on hand and will keep your baby occupied and entertained while you are washing him. If you use a bubble bath, bubbles will definitely win your baby over and he will be looking froward to his bath every time.

baby bath tips

If you have your own tips and recommendations, please email us so we can share them with other moms!

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