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Playtime with your baby is an important part of the learning and development process. Here are a few ideas for games to get new moms inspired.

1. Sensory bag is a game that helps develop baby’s motor skills and stimulates their sensory abilities. Simply use any non-transparent bag (a standard pillow case is a great candidate and it’s the perfect size) filled with a variety of objects that are fun for your baby to touch, feel, smell and hold but too big to swallow.

2. Sight, sound and touch: Books and stories are a great way to get your child’s brain engaged; use variety in your voice to help them understand and connect to different characters and situations. Baby talk actually helps them understand you better and learn the language faster. Books with textures and flaps are particularly exciting for babies. You can even make your own flap books by cutting pictures from magazines and layering them together with different colored paper and creating openings and flaps. Babies love the anticipation when they flip a page and discover something new; making your voice more dramatic will enhance the experience. You can also make simple hand puppets from old socks; decorate them as little or as much as you like with simple added objects. These puppets can talk to your child, touch them, tickle them and make them interact.

3. The power of music: Babies need a variety of different experiences to help them understand their new world and help them make new mental connections. Music is a very powerful tool for this. Whether it’s signing, dancing or simply rocking to a nice tune, it will help them develop their motor skills as well as help their developing brains connect sound to movement.

Share the fun. Of course there are many more games and activities you can play with your baby or toddler. Please share your own baby playtime experiences with other moms: Tell us your personal favorite activities you enjoy with your baby and the benefits you saw–for both your baby’s development and for you as a mom.

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