Benefits of Going Solar for a Family With Children

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Making the decision to go solar at home requires lots of forward thinking. Many homeowners are put off by the high costs of residential solar panels and worries about energy efficiency. At Modernize, however, we think that the many upsides to solar power outweigh any potential issues and that families in particular will benefit from having a renewable energy source in the home. Here are just a few of the arguments in favor of families going solar at home.

1. Save money

Families are always looking for ways to save a few pennies here and there. Although it may not seem like it, going solar can actually save you and your family tons of money on your energy bills over time.

One of the factors that often scares homeowners away from solar power is the high upfront cost of buying and installing photovoltaic (PV) panels at home. Thankfully, advances in technology and more widespread demand for solar have made these costs lower than ever. While it takes time to reap the financial benefits of solar energy in your home, we promise that if you stick with them, solar panels will pay for themselves.

Families who want to invest in solar but are worried about the cost can also benefit from government subsidies, grants, and tax exemptions once they make the decision to go green. Shared solar programs are also in place in several areas around the country, which allow renters and homeowners who might otherwise not be able to afford their own PV panels to utilize this renewable energy. Get more info here.

2. Conserve energy

Energy conservation is among the top reasons families choose to invest in residential solar power. While we all already know that using renewable energy at home can save on our energy bills, it might surprise some homeowners at exactly how much energy they can save.

A solar home in New York City, for example, can potentially offset up to 80% of their personal energy needs with a 7kW solar system. Although New York is a city that has particularly high solar installation rates, these figures are pretty consistent with the rest of the country. Over time, homeowners with solar powered homes can potentially generate more energy than they use, becoming entirely self-sufficient when it comes to their power.

The ability to operate completely off the energy grid is also increasingly important for many homeowners and families concerned with current issues surrounding the environment, political situations, and even potential economic crises. The energy generated by residential solar panels can be stored in batteries and used even when the sun isn’t shining, thereby helping users to survive on their own energy if grid-based power was to become unreliable or unavailable. Check out the the new home energy storage by Tesla.

3. Environmental education

Investing in and utilizing solar power in your home is particularly important for families who want to teach their children about the environment and renewable energy. By talking to your children throughout the installation process and keeping them involved with energy monitoring, bill paying, and PV maintenance, you can teach them valuable lessons about environmental awareness and energy conservation in ways that a textbook cannot. After all, there’s nothing like learning from experience.

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4. It’s simpler than you think!

In addition to having the lowest materials and installation costs ever, residential solar panels are now very easy to set up. Both local and federal governments advocate an increased focus on renewable energy and want to make the process of going solar as simple as possible for homeowners. Solar companies likewise encourage energy efficiency, completing solar installations in a straightforward, fast, and efficient manner. This leaves you free from the burdens of stressful account balancing and gives you more time to live your greener life at home.

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