Best Herbs for Good Digestion, Whole Foods Replaces Mayo with an Egg-Free Alternative, Education Innovations Changing Lives


Our Monday green news bring you the latest on nutrition, good causes and child education: digestive health, best herbs

  • Best herbs for a good digestion: Good digestive health is essential for a proper function of each organ as the elimination system removes waste of all of our cells and assures overall balance. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to speed up digestion, promote digestive secretions and maintain good gut health. Traditional herbalists all over the world agree that herbs with a bitter taste tend to be the most efficient. For example Gentian is the most popular digestive bitter in Western herbalism. Many Europeans drink a bitter aperitif (a herbal beverage or liqueur) before their meal to stimulate digestion, especially before heavier meals. Learn more about the 30 best herbs for good digestive health.
  • Whole Foods replaces mayonnaise with an egg-free alternative: As part of their “cruelty-free” initiative, company Whole Foods is replacing certain products such as mayonnaise with their vegan egg-free alternatives; first California stores will be introducing a product from Hampton Creek Foods called Just Mayo already next week. Since eggs are widely used in many food products, if they can be replaced on a large scale, it would not only alleviate animal cruelty, but help us move towards a more sustainable food system that meets the future demands of a growing global population.
  • Top education innovations changing lives around the world: As technology and internet become widely available and accessible, most educators turn to them as a main source and a tool for education. However, there are other innovative forms and methods that might not be as known, but are changing lives of children around the world. For example the De Mello’s method. Ms. De Mello integrates neuroscience with didactics to teach the impoverished children in the Rio de Janeiro’s slums.” Students raised amid chronic poverty and violence have many “learning gaps” that require specialized techniques”. De Mello’s methods have been so successful that they are now being used in 150 other schools around Brazil and have attracted international attention from educators in other countries such as Germany.
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