Bicycling is Win Win for All


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  • Bicycling is win win for all: Bicycling as a good exercise and a green form of transportation is a win win for both our health and our environment. But now there is another reason to get your bike outside. According to a recent study from the University of Colorado Denver, more bicyclists also means fewer accidents. The researchers analyzed data from the city of Boulder, which has one of the highest rates of cyclists in the USA, equaling to about 12 percent. The study results indicated that the chances of collision at intersections decreased with the increasing number of cyclists. Specifically, “the risk of accident was relatively high at intersections with less than 200 bicyclists per day.”
  • New smog-eating roofing tiles developed by students: Student researchers at the University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering recently developed an air-cleaning, titanium-dioxide coating that can be applied to the commonly used ceramic roofing tiles. The prototype tiles tested in an atmospheric chamber proved to remove 88  to 97 percent of the airborne nitrogen oxide (NO).  The researchers calculated that a roof of an average-sized house equipped this coating would annually eliminate an amount of smog-inducing nitrogen oxide equaling to a car driven eleven thousand miles. Their research, titled “Test Protocol for Evaluating Smog Reducing Roof Tiles,” won an honorable mention in the second phase of the Environmental Protection Agency’s People, Prosperity, and the Planet student design competition.
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