Biogas from Pistachio Shells to Heat New Turkish City


Our Thursday green news brings you the latest on green architecture, climate change, energy and communities:

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  • Biogas from pistachio shells to heat new Turkish city: Turkey is one of the world’s top producers of pistachios, exporting about 6,800 tons annually. Now Turkey is working on using pistachio shells as a source of energy. A new “eco-city” is currently being planned in the south-eastern region of the country Gaziantep where buildings and homes will be heated with biogas made from pistachio shells. Gaziantep produces a majority of the nation’s nuts (about 4,000 tons) therefore also a significant amount of pistachio shell waste. “After looking at potential renewable energy resources we couldn’t overlook the pistachio waste stream, and we decided to obtain biogas from burning pistachio shells.” said Seda Muftuoglu Gulec, a green building expert for the municipality.
  • Five key things to know about climate change and food: Here are 5 key things everybody should know about the connection between climate change and our food system. 1. climate change is a systemic issue, meaning we need to drastically change our consumption habits and from demand policymakers to curb our energy waste (such as more reliable public transportation). 2. industrial agriculture is one of the main contributors to climate change; 3. sustainable small-scale farming helps cooling the planet; 4. food producers cannot end hunger unless they have access to resources; 5. food sovereignty and climate justice: real solutions to climate change and hunger will require alliances that go beyond borders, labor, class, age, race, gender, and rural and urban divides. Food sovereignty as the right of each community to decide on its own food policies, is interconnected with the idea of climate justice. Both are rooted in the rights of local communities.
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