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As the giving season approaches, we want five lucky winners to enjoy a paperback copy of our first published book from the The Simple Green Life Book Series The Art of Pregnancy After 40.

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What is the book about?

Filled with practical advice, an inspiring journey, and a wealth of resources, “The Art of Pregnancy After 40” will support, nurture, and guide you toward becoming pregnant after 40.

Have you recently been reminded that your biological clock is ticking? Are you having difficulty getting pregnant? Whether you never considered having children; or time passed while you were having too much fun or working on your career; or you haven’t had luck getting pregnant for years; or had children earlier in life and then you decided to have more… If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you will definitely identify with this book in more ways than one.

The book shall serve as an informal guide to lifestyle, diet, exercise, partnership and pregnancy at this age, providing motivation, inspiration as well as strength.

What do readers say about it?

“The Art of Pregnancy After 40: A Personal Journey, Medical Standards, Myths, and the Latest Research is a must read if you are thinking of having a child in your forties. Filled with an abundance of information and humor, this book book will help answer a wide range of questions. I found the chapter headings to be super funny and unique. This book would make the perfect gift for any friend ready to be a mother in her forties.”

As a mother who has had children both before and after 40, I thought I knew everything there was to know about pregnancy at any stage. I was wrong! The Art of Pregnancy After 40 is filled with facts and warm, sincere anecdotes that will resonate with parents of any age and stage of pregnancy. The chapters are long enough to satisfy while being short enough to complete in one sitting, no matter how busy your schedule. I especially appreciated the author’s openness and straightforward storytelling style; in sharing her journey, she reveals her intelligence and quirky sense of humor with the delivery of a stand up comic.

To learn more about healthy pregnancy, check out our regularly updated Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.

How can you enter our giveaway?

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Giveaway opens on November 13th, 2016 at 10am and ends on November 30th, 2016 at 6 pm.

Five (5) randomly-selected lucky winners will receive their book by mail by December 10th, 2016, just on time for Christmas.

Open only to U.S. residents including residents of Puerto Rico.

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