Book Review and Giveaway: Don’t Push the Button

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There’s only one rule in Larry’s book:      

Don’t push the button. 

(Seriously, don’t even think about it!)
Even if it does look kind of nice, you must never push the button.
Who knows what would happen?
Okay, quick. No one is looking… push the button.
Uh, oh.

Review:   Don’t Push the Button! by Bill Cotter is about an adorable monster that goes through quite some changes. Bright changing colors, and silly diction stir a child’s imagination. Children will love the story and parents can appreciate the opportunity to teach color and a bit of pattern. It also allows parents to touch on the subject of the consequences to our actions.  It was an amusing read, my child was an active participant throughout the story.  We will definitely be reading this funny book again, after watching my child laugh as much as he did. My child and I experienced this book on the Kindle, he enjoyed pushing the button on various occasions during the story. I’m very interested in what Bill Cotter will be writing next for younger children.

Special thanks to Sourcebooks for the opportunity to review this book for Living Green with Baby and a great giveaway being offered here! 

About the Author….

Artist and musician Bill Cotter had the perfect focus group while writing his first picture book: the students at the Church Street school of Music and Art in New York, a nonprofit organization where he teaches. The kids were introduced to Larry in all his many guises and his many different experiences before he became the cuddly critter and hero of DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON!

You can purchase the book here: Sourcebooks

Living Green with Baby is super excited to introduce author Bill Cotter.
Welcome to LGB, Bill! We are delighted you have stopped over for a visit. After reading Don’t Push the Button!, we had to learn more about you, so without further ado…..


LGB: What books were among your childhood favorites and why?
Bill: It’s hard to narrow down my favorite books, but I think I can manage to name my favorite authors: Shel Silverstein for his amazing poetry and simple illustrations, Dr. Seuss for his ability to write children’s books that are profound for both kids and adults, and Bill Watterson for his mix of brilliant writing and masterful inking.


LGB: Why did you decide to write for younger children?
Bill: I only decided to write for younger children a few years back when I started working as a Pre-K art and music teacher. I studied illustration in art school so it seemed obvious to me to use both of these experiences to make books for kids. Part of my job was reading to our students, and I couldn’t help but think that I could make a book that was just as good or better.


LGB: Where did you get the idea for Don’t Push the Button and the entertaining Larry?
Bill: DPTB came from combining a few different styles. I greatly admire the interactive books of Herve Tullet. I saw how powerful it was to have the child physically interact with the book. Combine that with a bombastic writing style inspired by Mo Willems and you have DPTB. Larry has been sneaking around my sketchbook for a couple of years, and I thought this book would be the perfect place for him to live.


LGB: What encouragement helped you along your way?
Bill: My parents were amazingly supportive of me. Every single Saturday my mom and dad had me enrolled in some sort of art class. Whether it was drawing, painting, ceramics, or whatever I was into at the time, my parents were driving me all over Cleveland just so that I could feel artistically fulfilled. The biggest act of support was them letting me attend art school. Even though they knew it was a gamble they let me pursue my dream of being an artist.


LGB: Do you plan on writing more books that delve into the consequences of our actions?  Maybe one where Larry touches on environmental issues? 
Bill: I can’t say that I know what is in store for Larry in the future, but I would love to have him star in another book!


Thank you so much for the visit, Bill. We hope you will come back and share more of your work with LGB in the future.
1 Copy of Don’t Push the Button by Bill Cotter
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