Book Review: Dance to the Beat of Sage’s Song!

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Dance to the beat of Sage’s Song!

Find out what listening is really worth as Sage makes music from the sounds of the earth. Banging away on her drum, Sage can really make a racket! Stopping to listen to the world around her, Sage learns that music surrounds her in the simplest of sounds. This sensory exploration teaches the value of listening and inspires an awareness of the beautiful music nature creates.

Review: Sage’s Song by Karen Kilpatrick will enchant toddlers and parents alike. Sweet and rhythmic, this story pulls you and your child in and allows children to embrace the wonders of sound, whether they are made by them or the world they live in. Bold colors and large print call for a fun read that is sure to catch your little one’s attention. Sage’s Song is the perfect bedtime story for your toddler. I enjoyed watching my child play his imaginary drums as the story unfolded.
Note to Parents: Sage’s Song is a Pumpkinhead book. Pumpkinhead books are printed from sustainable forests.
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Publisher: Nina Charles
Pub Date: August 16, 2013
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Author:Dana Alma

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