Book Review: Luca Lashes and His First Airplane Ride


First airplane rides can be scary and exciting.

Luca Lashes is getting ready for his first airplane ride. The ninth book in the series finds Luca Lashes, the brown-eyed boy with the magic eyelashes, going on his first airplane ride with his Mommy and Daddy. Children learn to be brave with Luca as he blinks his magic eyelashes and makes the scary plane ride fun and exciting.

Review: Luca Lashes is an adorable series perfect for little children. My child felt an immediate connection to Luca and his fears. Loved the extra info for parents as well not to mention the ability to find the books in different languages. Since reading we have download additional Luca Lashes apps.  (See below for a free App) 

Note to Parents: This is a multilingual, educational eBook that continues the Luca Lashes series about children experiencing their ‘firsts.’ You can read and listen to the stories in Chinese, English, French, Italian and Spanish. The eBook includes suggestions for parents. The focus of the series is Luca Lashes, a highly relatable character. Luca Lashes and his First Airplane Ride is written for children under four. To help children learn to read, individual words are highlighted as the story is narrated. By combining original text with terrific artwork and audio, this e-book will be enjoyed by beginning readers of all ages. Throughout the story, key concepts are emphasized to help children through new experiences. It is never too early to fall in love with language!


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Luca Lashes, The Brown- Eyed Boy with The Magic Eyelashes—for FREE, so you can meet Luca and see what our series is all about. Make sure to download it!

Publisher: Luca Lashes
Pub Date: Dec 2 2013
This Title was Accepted via NetGalley 
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Author:Dana Alma

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