Caring for a Sickly Child with a Chronic Condition


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Having a sickly child with a chronic condition can be stressful and overwhelming for parents. Moms caring for a child with a chronic condition can be proactive in how they care for their kids with special medical needs. Having some helpful tips at your disposal can help you to care for your child’s physical and mental health on a daily basis and into the future.

Performing Basic Medical Procedures

Children with chronic medical conditions may need routine daily care such as blood sugar testing, oxygen monitoring, or breathing treatments with a nebulizer. Moms and dads can perform these basic procedures without having to be supervised by a home nurse or doctor. Make sure to ask the doctor and nurses any tips they might have for the child’s particular condition. Take notes and write down important information. This helps to cut down on the need to visit the doctor’s office, urgent care or emergency room.

Monitoring Vital Signs and Disease Symptoms

Moms can also monitor a sickly child’s vital signs and disease symptoms. For example, a child with poor breathing or heart problems may need regular oximetry and blood pressure monitoring. Make sure to be giving your child a high quality supplemental vitamin to support their immune system.  This is especially important when it comes to children with chronic conditions such as asthma, ADHD, PTSD, and other ailments. Talk to the child and spend time with them. Moms and dads can learn how to use the equipment and track the results. The child’s symptoms can also be monitored by his or her mom or dad. A gradual increase in severity or frequency of symptoms allows parents to seek medical care.

Learn More about Caregiving

Make sure to have a varied diet for the child, especially one that is rich in superfoods, plant-based protein for easy digestion and nutrient absorption. Also, make sure to include a healthy probiotic yogurt as a snack. There are other intensive things you can do to assist your child. By earning a master’s degree in nursing online, you will be a qualified caregiver for your child’s medical needs. Earning this degree helps you to care for your child’s daily health needs, such as changing PICC lines and administering insulin through a pump. You can always read more and also learn how to identify the signs of a flare-up of your child’s condition. Working with a neighbor who has experience in the medical field can be a great source of information. This knowledge prepares you to seek emergency medical care for your child as needed.

Spending Quality Time Together

Kids with chronic conditions may feel lonely, isolated or different from their peers. Moms can help kids to overcome these feelings by spending quality time together. Reading books, storytelling, doing creative projects, watching movies or sitting on a park bench together and observing the wildlife. Your child will make lifelong memories of the time that you spend together doing these simple yet enjoyable activities.

Caring for a child with a chronic medical condition is a full-time job. Moms taking this on should be sure to reserve some time for their own needs, too, including pursuing higher education. Earning a master’s degree in nursing online prepares you for your child’s future health care needs. Your child will remember the dedicated care that you provide to him or her every day.

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