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organic gardening

Organic Gardening Basics

Join organic gardener Scott Meyer for a step-by-step walk-through of the organic gardening basics.

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Natural Ways to Eliminate Common Garden Pests

Learn about these five top garden pests and natural ways to get rid of them.

The Daily Grind: 11 Uses for Recycled Coffee Grounds

The average American consumes about three cups of coffee a day–recycling your coffee grounds can lessen the load on the environment in some surprisingly useful ways.

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Simple Recycling Ideas for Your Garden

Make your garden even greener by giving old or unneeded objects like plastic bottles, tires or wooden palettes a new purpose.

air-purifying plants, English Ivy

Plants That Purify the Air in Your Home

Many house plants do a great job at air filtration (and look great at the same time).

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Garden Compost 101: Basic Steps for Using Compost in Your Garden

Join Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine, for a step-by-step walk-through of the garden composting basics.

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Free School Lunches for All Kids, Chinese Chicken Meat on American Market, Harvesting Fall Squash

Free school lunches program expands, Chinese chicken meat will soon enter the American market, learn about harvesting squash this fall from the experts.

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Bug-Proof Your Garden the Organic Way

Growing your own garden can be lots of fun, but with the satisfaction can come frustration in the form of too much–or too little–rain, fungus and unwanted pests. Find out some natural ways to ban pests.

aloe vera benefits

Aloe Vera: My Super Plant

Aloe vera is a popular plant for its wide range of benefits–from healing and soothing skin ailments to aiding the digestive system. Aloe vera juice can even be added to smoothies and yogurt.

Healthier Gardening and a Greener Driveway

We’ve unearthed some yard and garden ideas that are easy on the eyes and the environment.