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Warka Water Towers Could Make Drinking Water From Thin Air

Also: Project “Akon Lighting Africa” takes off; IKEA’s biggest clean energy investment.

Green architecture, organic architecture

The Future of Solar Panels

Also: Organic house by a Mexican architect Javier Senosiain; The latest United Nations report on climate change.

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Las Alternativas de Energía Renovable

A continuación presentamos la primera parte de una entrevista en torno a alternativas de energía renovable. Nuestro invitado es Máximo Torres quien es un experimentado consultor de energía removable con más de veinte años de experiencia en energía renovable y diseñador de productos integrados y gabinetes para aplicaciones fotovoltaicas.

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Seven Key Findings from the Latest UN Climate Change Report, Japanese Homeowners Go Off-the-Grid After Tsunami Disaster, Climate Change Makes Certain Plants More Potent

Seven key findings from the new UN climate change report; Japanese homeowners go off-the-grid after Fukushima power plant disaster; climate change makes plants like poison ivy bigger and more potent.

recycling programs

Old Color Markers Can Be Turned into Fuel, Food Waste Converted into Energy, Potatoes for Biodegradable Packaging

Old or unused color markers can now be turned into fuel, food waste from grocery stores can be converted into energy, starch from waste potatoes might be used for biodegradable packaging of personal care products.

hydroponic farming

New Battery Made of Wood, First Net-Zero Energy School in New York, Rooftop Greenhouse Farms

New battery developed from wood fibers, firs net-zero energy school in New York City, hydroponic rooftop farming in cities.