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cancer, good cause, gift basket

Bring a Smile to a Cancer Patient

Although writing about subjects such as cancer might not seem very positive, this article is all about being positive and inspirational.

health benefits of coffee,

Teenage Scientist Found a Way to Stop Allergies

Also: Nespresso helps reviving coffee production in South Sudan.

kids and autism

A Creative Workshop for Kids with Autism

Any form of creativity helps kids with autism express themselves and discover new forms of communication. Creating art helps bridge the complicated gaps between “normal” and “different.”

green kids, good causes

Five Green Kids Changing the World

Here are 5 examples of green kids that are each doing what they believe can help the world to be a better place.

Desolenator, solar desalination

Portable Solar Desalination Device for Affordable Water

Also: Reduce your water footprint with simple tips.

green architecture, Bullitt Center

The Most Efficient Building in the World

Also: Old laptop batteries could be providing power in the developing world.

vegetarianism, vegetarian diet

Is Vegetarianism Better for The Environment?

Also: Young entrepreneur turns leftover cafeteria food into hot meals for the hungry.

Yoghurt benefits, probiotics

Probiotics for a Healthy Skin

Also: Double Up Food Bucks helps help the environment and fights poverty too.

clean water, bottled water

Young Woman’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to India

Also: What is in bottled water.

school science projects, lionfish research

School Girl’s Science Project Changed Real Science

Also: Types of foods better to be avoided for a good health.

bilingual kids, kids and languages

Health Benefits of Learning Other Languages

Also: Fighting poverty one bowl of soup at a time.

kids and fast food, happy meal, kids' diet, child obesity

Kids’ Menu at Fast Food Restaurants

Also: Big companies helping coffee growers.

good cause, bicycles for Africa, bicycle donations

Nestlé Recalls Hot Pockets Due To Meat Recall.

Also: Donated bicycles are saving Lives in Africa.

Help the Children of Philippines

Help the Children of Philippines

Since we all contribute to climate changes of our Planet, we should all take an equal responsibility to deal with the consequences. Please help children affected by the recent disaster in Philippines.

charity project, kids' poverty

Project Hong Kong: Helping Kids Escape Poverty with Art

Project Hong Kong organizes art, fashion and performance workshops to help children discover their own creative potential.