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drinking water

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

Also: Turning E-waste into revenue.

organic meals, kids and food

First US School District to Serve Organic Meals

Also: Five foods that might disappear with minor climate changes.

green architecture

The Ocean Cleanup Project by Young Environmentalist

Also: The top green U.S. buildings this year.

Grow Food Locally, food production

Grow Food Locally Even During Winter

Also: Baking soda and climate change fight.

plastic waste, ocean health

How Much Plastic Waste Ends up in Oceans

Also: How Pepsi Co. rethinks recycling.

healthy pops, fruit pops, organic snack

Isla Pops: New Green Business on a Green Island

Isla Pops is a new green company based in Puerto Rico, with a mission to keep kids on a healthy diet while being cooled off and entertained with their all natural fruit pops.

hemp, green energy, clean energy, green ambitions

Hemp Waste into New Energy Storage

Also: The world’s biggest companies are investing in recycling.

clean water, bottled water

Young Woman’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to India

Also: What is in bottled water.

design innovation, clean energy, green innovation

New Graphite Sponge Can Convert Sunlight into Steam

Also: Company General Mills joins climate change fight.

organic produce, benefit of organic veggies

Big Nutritional Differences Between Organic and Non-Organic Food

Also: New sustainable chips made from wine flour.

green transportation

A New European Green Program for Commuters

Also: The 2014 guide to water and beach pollution.

Solar Impulse, solar powered plane

A Plane Powered by Sun

Also: A private green island built from plastic bottles.

New Solar-Wind Hybrid Comes to Life

Also: Old barn into stylish Alpine retreat; Higher education leads in actions against climate change.

solar energy innovations

Green Chemistry Law in California

Also: Scientists learn from photosynthesis how to harvest more solar energy; Dangerous hormone disruptors can regenerate at night like zombies.

food waste problem, carbon footprint

Greener Plastics Made from Greenhouse Gases, Food Waste as Massive Contributor to Carbon Footprint, Ten Toxic Products We Should Avoid

Greener plastics are now also made using greenhouse gases, food waste became a massive contributor to global carbon footprint, top ten toxic products we use daily that we should avoid and replace with natural alternatives and why.