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A New Lightbulb Powered by Bioluminescence, Satellites Helping with Water Management, New Carpet Generating Energy

A new lightbulb is powered by bioluminescent organisms, remote satellites are already helping with water management on Earth, new carpet tiles can convert the kinetic energy of each footstep into power.

water conservation, innovative design

New Shower Head Design Promotes Water Conservation, How Feasible Are Smart Building Technologies, Carbon Dioxide Used as a Refrigerant

Water savings with this new shower head technology, 10 myths about smart building technologies debunked, new cooling technology uses carbon dioxide as a refrigerant instead producing CO2 as a pollutant.

green schools

The Greenest US Colleges, World’s First Corporate Responsibility Law, High-Performance Building Pilot in Seattle

The greenest US colleges providing also green education, world’s first corporate responsibility law has passed in India, new high-performance building pilot announced in Seattle.

chemicals in products

Unacceptable Levels: A Documentary Film

Do we deserve to know what levels of chemicals around us are safe? This documentary film follows a one man’s quest to find the truth about unsafe chemicals hidden behind pretty product labels and cheerful marketing.