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The Condado Vanderbilt-Hotel Resort of Your Dreams

The place, where sleek contemporary design compliments Spanish revival style with superior hospitality

egg decorations

European Egg Decorations

Egg decorations and coloring have been a significant part of the European Easter celebrations since as early as the 13th century.

styrofoam, waste

Mealworms Could Help Reduce Styrofoam Waste

Also: Prefabricated home with a vegetative roof.

shipping containers, green architecture

Skyscrapers Made of Shipping Containers

Also: California to Label Monsanto’s Roundup as a carcinogen.

hemp house, green architecture

Hemp House Pulls CO2 From the Air

Also: Eight steps to more bike-friendly cities.

cohousing, green living, green architecture

Cohousing Project in Berlin Shows New Options

Also: NASA’s data confirms rapid water depletion in aquifers.

green architecture

The Ocean Cleanup Project by Young Environmentalist

Also: The top green U.S. buildings this year.

green architecture, active house

California’s Drought and Water Conservation

Also: The Active House B10 produces twice the energy it needs.

green architecture, prefabricated home

First Carbon-Positive Prefabricated Home

Also: Green dome home made from reclaimed wood.

green power, green cities, Burlington

First American City to Fully Run on Green Power

Also: Restaurant made from salt also cleans air.

green architecture, living breakwaters

Living Breakwaters on Staten Island

The project combines coastal resiliency infrastructure with habitat enhancement techniques and community engagement, deploying a layered strategy that links in-water protective forms to on-shore interventions.

green architecture, Bullitt Center

The Most Efficient Building in the World

Also: Old laptop batteries could be providing power in the developing world.

Recycle Idea: Build a New Desk from Old Closet Doors

Old doors go horizontal as a sleek, modern workspace.

green architecture, green city

Compost and Climate Change

Also: Unique new bike lane in Copenhagen.

green architecture, clean power, ocen's waves

Beach House Powered By The Ocean’s Energy

Also: Solar battery powered by light and air.