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vaccines, baby health child safety

Glyphosate and Childhood Vaccines

Also: Zika virus and the Guillain–Barré Syndrome.

raw peanuts, nut allergy, peanut allergy

Understanding Common Food Allergies

Food allergy is a reaction of our immune system, when it mistakes certain food for an invasive matter. See which food allergies are the most common and what to look for.

arsenic levels, baby food, baby cereal

Arsenic Levels in Baby Cereal and Drinking Water

Also: Two major yogurt makers to use only non-GMO produced milk.

Mediterranean Diet, heart health, healthy diet

Mediterranean Diet Associated with Better Cardiovascular Health

Also: Honest Company sued again, now over organic infant formula.

food safety, food additives

GMO’s, Science And European Politics

Also: Bread and possible cancer-causing additive.

health benefits of coffee,

Teenage Scientist Found a Way to Stop Allergies

Also: Nespresso helps reviving coffee production in South Sudan.

Farming Kinder, kids and food, kindergarden

Kids With Less Structured Activities Perform Better

Also: Experimental kindergarten in Vietnam engages kids in food cultivation.

edible water bottle, design innovation

An Edible Water Bottle

Also: The facts about Aspartame.

natural remedy for healthy skin, juicing benefits

Juicing For a Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails

Also: Increasing influence of teacher home visits; No more formaldehyde in baby products.

antinutrients, lentils

What We Should Know About Antinutrients

Also: Top twelve universities serving locally-grown food.

organic meals, kids and food

First US School District to Serve Organic Meals

Also: Five foods that might disappear with minor climate changes.

farm-raised salmon

Why to Avoid Farm-Raised Salmon

Also: Quality time with your kids over quantity.

olive oil, nutrition news

The Latest Facts About Olive Oil

Also: Some brands of bottled water recalled due to E. Coli.

Peanut Allergy Linked to Children’s Asthma

Also: Should children learn through play?

beets, anti-inflamatory foods, natural remedy

Twelve Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Also: Fish and seafood to avoid for environmental or health concerns.