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broccoli sprouts, autism

Caesarean Section May Increase Baby’s Risk of Autism

Also: Chemical found in broccoli sprouts may reduce symptoms of autism .

Healthy pregnancy, new motherghood, mom's health

New Statistics on Motherhood at Older Age

Also: New moms are dangerously exhausted for months.

kids' activities, child-parent interaction, green kids

Epidural During Delivery Can Reduce Postpartum Depression

Also: Circular Nautilus is more than a bookshelf.

natural remedy, tea tree oil, green parenting

Home Remedy Kit for Your Family Vacation

Also: Overweight condition and healthy pregnancy.

MERS virus

Babies and Brain Damage

Also: MERS virus found in the U.S; Drowsiness and insomnia could potentially cause a stroke.

travel water bottle with filter, smart water bottle

Pregnant Women Consuming Nuts Lower Their Kids Chances for Allergies

Also: Anti-anxiety and sleeping pills linked to higher mortality; Smart self-filtering water bottle and a flashlight in one.

wine and pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy and alcohol

Pregnancy and Alcohol

Pregnancy and alcohol are not a welcome combination, and most doctors will recommend to pregnant women to complete abstinent from any alcohol consumption. Therefore the following new findings might raise a lot of discussion and controversy.

kids' activities, chil obesity

Obesity Rate Among Young American Children Finally Drops

Also: Importance of creating a healthier environment in the family; Newly found links between toxins and developmental disorders.

human embryo, Down Syndrom, DNA screening, healthy pregnancy

New Blood Test Reliably Detects Down’s Syndrome and Other Genetic Abnormalities

New non-invasive blood test can reliably detects Down’s syndrome and other genetic fetal abnormalities, and could change current standards in prenatal testing.

autism, air pollution

Air Pollution Linked to Autism and Diabetes in Children

New research studies provide more evidence that chemical exposures early in development can significantly increase our risks for serious chronic diseases later in life.

garlic & ginger for fertility

Enhance Your Fertility Naturally with Healthy Foods

Dr.Maoshing Ni presents 5 important foods as part of a healthy diet and explains the great benefits they offer for woman’s fertility.

brain study, brain use

A Glass of Wine During Pregnancy Could Help Your Baby’s Mental Health

Also: Humans use both sides of the brain; Artificially sweetened drinks are just like a glass of water for our gut health.

healthy pregnancy, father's diet

Father’s Diet Before Conception Plays Key Role in Baby’s Health

Also: The danger of noisy toys for child’s hearing; Four common habits helping to get the flu.

organic milk, organic production

Newly Found Benefits of Organic Milk

Also: Good eating habits already start in the womb; Multivitamins and supplements might be a waste of money.

Contraceptive Pills and Increased Glaucoma Risk

Also: Overuse of acetaminophen during pregnancy could affect baby’s development; Don’t calm your baby with a smartphone.