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Cooking with kids, Kidstir, green parenting

Cooking with Kids: Kidstir and What’s in the Box

Kidstir brings cooking with kids to another level.

bikes for kids, no training wheels needed, design innovation, green parenting

New Fun Bike for Kids Without Training Wheels

Also: Interesting parenting habits around the globe.

kids' activities, child-parent interaction, green kids

Epidural During Delivery Can Reduce Postpartum Depression

Also: Circular Nautilus is more than a bookshelf.

urban electrical bike, design innovation, green travel

New American Healthy Housing Standards

Also: New folding electrical bike offers everything urban commuters might need.

fun new kids products, Easter fun stuff

Milk Consumption Might Relieve Arthritis Pain

Also: A new pill might soon prevent the flu virus; Fun Donkey products for kids and Easter.

health news, design innovation

Autism Might Be Connected to Faulty Prenatal Brain Growth

Also: Latest findings about saturated fat and heart disease; New wearable device to monitor human health 24/7.

baby dental care

Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste

Making your own natural toothpaste at home is easier than you think. With just few ingredients, you can create your very personal toothpaste for yourself and your family, control what goes in and achieve the flavor you desire. The following natural toothpaste recipe is my personal favorite, using peppermint essential oil with both grapefruit seed […]

health news, new migrane relief

Nutrition for Good Mental Health

Also: The Diva Cup for modern green moms; Wearable migraine-relief device.

new kids products, SaddleBaby

Babies Have Ability to Distinguish Right from Wrong

Also: Why are kids allergies on the rise; The new SaddleBaby toddler carrier.

educational toys for girls

Feminine Care Products and Toxicity

Also: A risk of lead in your espresso; Smart toys for future female inventors.

healthy school lunches, kids' health

Sleep Cleans the Trash from Our Brain

Also: Discrimination of pregnant women is still happening; New lunch and snack boxes for today kids.

toxic products, baby care, kid's health

How Toxic Is Your Natural Shampoo or Soap?

A recent study revealed a cancer-causing chemical in 98 shampoos, soaps and other personal care products sold by major national retailers such as Palmolive, Biosilk, Organix, Paul Mitchell and many others.

stroller options for urban parents

Latest Measles Outbreak in Texas, Child Hunger on the Rise, the Ultimate Urban Baby Stroller Hybrid

Latest measles outbreak in Texas church community, child hunger is on the rise in the U.S., the ultimate baby stroller hybrid for urban parents by Quinny

hybrid diapers

Choosing the Right Diapers

Green living expert Terri Bennett discusses current available options in baby diapers and shows how to find the right fit for your baby.

baby shoes

How Important Are Baby Shoes?

Bones and joints in young feet are very flexible and vulnerable to poor habits and incorrect footwear. Find out how to choose the right shoes for your baby as he grows and starts walking.