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vegan pesto recipe

Vegan Cilantro Pesto

This vegan version of traditional Italian pesto is made without cheese and uses slightly different ingredients.

importance of color variety in food, fruit and vegetable colors

Why Is Color Variety Important in Your Salad?

Check our “color chart” to make sure you’re getting the best nutritional value from your fruit and veggies.

homemade pizza for Valentines, whole-grain pizza recipe

My Lazy Homemade Pizza

This simple whole wheat pizza dough recipe will please picky eaters and pizza lovers alike.

healthy soup, holiday soups

Creamy Breadfruit Soup

Our recipe for pureed breadfruit soup will compliment any holiday feast or stand in for familiar favorites on cold winter days.

vegan cheese

Smoked Black Pepper Cashew Cheese

This creamy, spicy nut cheese made from raw cashews is a delicious vegan alternative.

healthy snacks for kids

Healthy Snacks: Carrot Sticks for Kids

Carrots are the main ingredient in this recipe, and since these sticks are baked, they’re a nutritious alternative to fried snacks.

meatless dinner

Sauteed Brown Rice with Bok Choy and Mushrooms

This easy and nutritious dish makes a great meatless meal; brown rice provides plenty of dietary fiber and bok choy, eggplant and mushrooms supply lots of vitamins and minerals.

been dip

Party Dip: Pigeon Peas with Citrus Dressing

Dips are the perfect party dish, quick to make and easy to serve. Even better: Make your party dip healthy with nutritious ingredients.

healthy breakfast on the go, healthy kid's lunch box

Veggie Burrito Wrap

How do you get finicky eaters to eat a healthy lunch? Wrap it up!

White Asparagus Soup

Healthy Asparagus Potato Soup

This easy-to-prepare all-vegetable soup adds the subtle flavor of seasonal asparagus to seasonless favorites like potatoes, carrots and garlic.