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floatovoltaics, clean energy, solar systems

Clean Energy Helps Turning Lawns Into Urban Farms

Also: How floating solar farms are more efficient than the land ones.

Alternative building materials, building materials, green architecture, innovation

The Future of Construction with Innovative Building Materials

Also: Seven cities working to become car-less.

edible water bottle, design innovation

An Edible Water Bottle

Also: The facts about Aspartame.

floatovoltaics, clean energy

Floatovoltaics and Their Role in Clean Energy

Also: A public call for new and innovative green ideas.

home energy storage, design innovation, clean energy

The New Home Energy Storage by Tesla

Also: Floating solar farm to produce 8,000 tons of vegetables.

green architecture, active house

California’s Drought and Water Conservation

Also: The Active House B10 produces twice the energy it needs.

green billboard, design innovation

Highway Billboard in Peru Grows Lettuce and Generates Water

Also: New buildings in France must have either solar or green roofs.

design innovation, food waste

2014 Was the Best Year for Solar Energy

Also: The “green heart” helps reducing food waste.

zero waste packaging, mushroom packaging

Mushrooms Could be Key to Zero Waste Packaging

Also: Paris plans to ban cars from its city center.

edible food packaging, edible cups, reducing food waste

Edible Food Packaging is the Future of Zero Waste

Also: Is Airbnb the new green hotel alternative?

bicycling infrastructure, bike path

Bicycling will Increase with Good Infrastructure

Also: Possibly the greenest solar farm ever.

green architecture, green city

Compost and Climate Change

Also: Unique new bike lane in Copenhagen.

green architecture, clean power, ocen's waves

Beach House Powered By The Ocean’s Energy

Also: Solar battery powered by light and air.

recycled phone booth, solar station

Unused London Phone Booths Turned Into Free Solar Charging Stations

Also: Beijing encourages recycling with free service exchange.

Algea building, green architecture

The Ultimate Green Building Powered by Algae

Also: Climate change and family planning.