City Kids: The Trials and Triumphs of Raising Kids in the City

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Image courtesy of Amy Taylor via 6sqft

NYC blog 6sqft recently featured this enlightening Q & A with five New York City parents that highlights why they love raising kids in an urban environment despite the many challenges. Hits include diversity, public transportation, culture, parks and great neighborhoods. Misses include not enough space, crime (though that’s on the wane), unvaccinated classmates, and the scramble to find good schools. On diversity:

For example, [my wife and daughter Gigi, age 4] were on the subway recently with a woman in a burka. Gigi was fascinated by this and asked the woman a number of questions about her attire. The woman explained that, pursuant to her religious beliefs, only her husband, father, and brothers were allowed to see her without the burka. That sort of cross-cultural experience is something that we never would have experienced as children. I don’t know whether that actually makes them more empathetic, but it gives them the tools to relate better to others.

Lots more great points get raised; and the kids are crazy cute.

6sqft–City Kids: Why Parents Pick City Living Over the Suburbs

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