Clean Energy: Savings for Homeowners (Part One)


Our second video in the Clean Energy series features Jeffrey Perlman, president of New York City-based energy management company Bright Power and focuses on energy savings for homeowners.

Our video will introduce several solutions that can help homeowners significantly reduce energy consumption and save money. For our simple guide to energy and water savings see our article and video Savings For Apartment Dwellers.

Clean Energy: energy inefficient house

1. Insulate your house properly: Most single-family homes whether old or new construction are lacking proper exterior insulation, which results in air leakage and energy loss. There are many types on insulation on the market these days, from cellulose and mineral wool to recycled denim, radiant barriers, and others. Some installations–such as insulating your attic space–are fairly easy for most homeowners to do themselves without hiring a contractor.

Clean Energy: insulate

2.  Order a blower door test to determine the air leakage in your home, coupled with an infrared scan.

Clean Energy: house air-leakage infrared scan

3. Update your heating and cooling system: Replace conventional heating and cooling units with more efficient ones with the Energy Star label.

4. Replace old refrigerant R22 in your cooling system with R410A : R22 is a major ozone-depleting gas and can cause serious environmental harm if it leaks.

Clean Energy: ozone-friendly AC

Part 2 of this episode focuses on the best types of energy-efficient thermostats and boilers as well as current options in alternative energy sources for homeowners.

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