Do You Want a Smart Baby? Exercise During Pregnancy


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exercise for healthy pregnancy

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  • Exercise during pregnancy can improve baby’s brain:  New research from the University of Montreal recently presented at the Neuroscience 2013 conference in San Diego indicates that as little as 20 minutes of exercise three times per week can advance a newborn’s brain activity. This paper is the first of its kind to study the impact of exercise on the newborn. A healthy pregnancy including regular exercise is essential for the health of future mom-to-be as well as health of her baby, and this finding presents another incentive for pregnant women to exercise on a regular basis.
  • Will the new Food Safety Modernization Act improve food safety?: The first law update proposal concerning food safety since 1938 called the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed two years ago by President Obama as a reaction to repeating bacteria outbreaks caused by fresh produce. This act, which is about to come into effect as law on November 30th, calls for better regulation of produce and gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the ability to detect and respond to food safety issues. However many farmers as well as consumers fear that these new regulations will make produce-and mainly organic produce-more expensive since the growing period will be prolonged and new “safety measures” will require additional cost.
  • The new invisible bike helmet: This new innovative safety product coming from Sveden is a bicycle helmet called Hövding. And how is it invisible and revolutionary? Compared to conventional helmets that are bulky and often uncomfortable, the Hövding helmet is worn as a collar around your neck, so your head is clear and uncovered. The collar contains an airbag that will inflate and protect your head in case of an accident. Not only does the Hövding helmet provide the best shock absorption in the world, it can also be a fashionable piece matching your clothes since the collar shell is changeable.
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