Eco-Friendly Crafts for Saving Your Kids’ Baby Teeth

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Many parents treasure the day when their little one asks them why his teeth are wiggling. It’s the first sign your child is growing into an adult and a very important one. Saving a child’s baby teeth allows a parent to look back on those times when they’ve long past and are no longer playing Tooth Fairy at three in the morning.

And how can we preserve those little pearls for many years to come? Check out the following few helpful tips for saving your child’s baby teeth:

1. Vinegar
Vinegar solutions are both eco-friendly and allow for natural cleaning of the shed baby teeth. This often leaves the root intact and turns gumline stains pearly white. Submerse the tooth (or teeth) in a glass that is one part vinegar and one part hot water. Allow the tooth to remain in the mixture for at least twenty minutes. Tartar may need to be scraped off, though it will be very easy to see once you have dried the tooth after this treatment. Once clean, the teeth can be stored in any method you choose. You may also dye teeth if you wish using this method by adding 10 drops of food coloring to the liquid mix.

If you don’t want to do the dirty work yourself, ask your local or favorite dentist such as Dentistry for Children & Adolescents if they are willing to clean shed teeth for you.

2. Placard
Gluing the teeth to a placard using a simple paste compound will work well for keeping the children’s teeth looking good for years to come. Placards can be made of driftwood or other wood castoffs for a more environment friendly attitude. You can also get your children involved in making a fun project while learning the basics about their teeth.

3. Mosaic 
Mosaic glass and stone tiles are popular and environmentally friendly crafts that can preserve children’s teeth. Get inspired by some mosaic tiles such as these made with bits of recycled glass you can find or some chipped stone. Use the child’s teeth as replacements for some of the tiles, or as a centerpiece for a number of finished tablets. These can cover an old coffee table or be hung on the wall as a decorative piece of art.

Whatever you choose to preserve your child’s teeth, remember that baby teeth are fragile and may not stay pure white as time goes on. You can account for potential staining by sealing baby teeth with a simple mixture of watered down eco-friendly glue. Check to be certain that any putties or glues you use on the teeth do not contain acetone since this will eat through the enamel of teeth very quickly, leaving a tooth unprotected against wear and tear. As stated above, vinegar is suggested in place of acetone because it’s a milder acid with less reaction to the enamel of a tooth.

Enjoy and have fun with it!

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