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Why organic clothing for your baby?

When I became pregnant with my son, my husband and I knew we wanted to raise him to be conscious of the world around him. We thought a great way to start creating our little ecologically-minded child was by dressing him in clothing that was either Organic or second hand. We got a lot of questions about why Organic clothing? If he isn’t eating it, does it matter?  The simple answer is yes.

recycled baby clothes

Our skin is the body’s largest organ. Whatever goes on our skin gets absorbed and goes into our bloodstream. Making it extremely important that we be very careful of what we put on our skin.  A baby even more so! Cotton is one of the most highly sprayed crops! Insecticides and pesticides are sprayed on the cotton, making it extremely toxic to our health and our Environment. There are so many chemicals in our homes and in the air that this was one easy way for us to lessen our babies’ exposure to the harmful environment that man has created. Always check for the label Certified Organic. And also learn about cotton and GMO’s. However the price-tag is an issue.

green babiesTips on getting organic baby clothing at a low cost

I’m a stay at home mom, we have one income and tons of bills to cover, so cost is an issue for us. Organic clothing is not really cheap. But here are few tips based on how we manage to have organic clothing for our son.

  • Expecting? Create a baby registry on Amazon with all different kinds of Organic clothing.
  • Tell family and friends you are only dressing your baby in Organic.  We were amazed by the beautiful hand-made organic clothing, blankets and toys we received for our little one!
  • Shop around…sometime you can get amazing deals online, for instance Amazon has some great deals on Organic clothing.  Etsy also has a lot of great homemade organic clothing at great prices!  You might also be surprised to find Organic clothing at off price outlets at crazy low prices.
  • Check second-hand stores, you might have to dig a little but I have gotten several items for a dollar, and they were 100% organic cotton!

Second hand clothing are a good option for your baby too

I say all this but let’s face it: your child will grow out of some of this stuff after only wearing it once…clothing can get pretty expensive!  My husband and I buy organic when we can and ask for organic clothing for gifts but we also love second hand clothing.  Our son is 9 months old and the only time he has worn something that wasn’t organic and wasn’t second hand was for a wedding. We love buying second hand!  The clothing has been washed a bunch so we feel the chemical exposure is less and by buying second hand we are not supporting the cotton companies that use harmful chemicals.  Here are some great ways to get second hand clothing;

  • Consignment sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Hand me downs

Buying clothing for you baby doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult when you choose to buy more eco-friendly clothing.  I do the bulk of my shopping at consignment sales and then just checkout thrift stores and look for deals on organic clothing online.  I always get compliments on my son’s clothing and he usually wears something already used that only cost 2-4 dollars for the entire outfit! Now this stay at home mom is stoked about that!

organic baby clothes

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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Author:Ashley Knight

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