Enhance Your Fertility Naturally with Healthy Foods


Did you know that there are natural ways to improve your fertility and health of your reproductive system?

Dr.Maoshing Ni presents the following 5 foods and explains the great benefits they offer for woman’s overall health, and why they can help with the reproductive system health as well:food and fertility, reproductive health

  1. garlic
  2. ginger root
  3. orange peal
  4. spinach
  5. black beans



We have plenty of healthy recipes to help you incorporate these foods into your daily diet:

If you are trying to boost your fertility, you should consider avoiding certain foods that can compromise your chances of becoming pregnant. Also, encourage your partner to stick to a healthy diet and follow the same rules, since father’s diet before conception plays a key role in baby’s health, according to a latest research.

spinach and fertility, foods for fertilityFood to eliminate or at least significantly reduce if you are trying to become pregnant:

  1. caffeine
  2. sugar
  3. alcohol
  4. fast carbs, such as white flour products (bread, pasta, pastries), white rice and potatoes
  5. processed foods
  6. pesticides: wash all produce thoroughly and choose organic produce to lower your chances of exposure to hormone disruptors.

For a detailed checklist for a healthy pregnancy see our comprehensive Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.

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