First Carbon-Positive Prefabricated Home


Our Thursday green news brings you the latest on green architecture, climate change, energy and communities:

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Photo courtesy of Archiblox

  • First carbon-positive prefabricated home: An Australian architecture firm Archiblox has recently launched the world’s first carbon-positive prefabricated home, which is currently on display in Melbourne’s City Square. This home is so efficient that it can produce more than it consumes and feed energy back to the grid. Among its principal green features are solar rooftop panels, in-ground cooling tubes, sliding edible garden walls to block the sun’s rays, an external planter bed to take grey waste-water, filter for toilet flushing, and many more. According to the designers, the home will emit about 1,016 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) less than any comparable home over its lifespan, which is an equivalent of taking 267 cars off the road or planting 1,095 native Australian trees. And since these homes are prefabricated, the entire construction process lasts about 12 to 28 weeks, significantly reducing building costs as well as resources.
  • Green dome home made from reclaimed wood: This unique Dome Home located in the middle of a lychee garden outside the busy city of Gaoming in southern China was built as a creative retreat and made entirely out of solid FSC-certified and reclaimed timber. Designed according to German Passive House standards, the structure is extremely energy efficient with its triple-glazed windows imported from Europe and well-insulated exterior walls to keep operation costs down; the home requires an equivalent of boiling a kettle of water to heat or cool its interior. The dome’s shell is completely self-supporting without any structural columns interrupting the interior space. A specially designed furniture visually supports the uncommon character of its cedar-shingled structure with a central staircase made with reclaimed wood and customized steel supports. Outside the Dome Home are a series of supporting buildings and guesthouses all made with reclaimed brick.

Photo courtesy of Timothy Oulton.

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