Five Unsustainable Foods to Avoid


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  • Five very unsustainable foods to avoid: If you care about our environment, consider avoiding the following very unsustainable foods. The Sierra Club provided this list and provide details why: 1. Bluefin tuna; 2. Conventional coffee; 3. Factory-farmed beef; 4. Genetically modified corn; 5.Palm oil.
  • Alarming facts about medicines produced in India: The FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) recent findings of fake medicines and falsified drug test results of Indian over-the-counter and prescription drugs raise worries about the safety of Indian pharmaceutical products. India is currently the second-largest exporter of such drugs to the United States, supplying about 40% of the American market. According to the World Health Organization one in five drugs made in India are fakes. Counterfeit medicines are suspected to be responsible for hundreds of infant deaths at a pediatric hospital in Kashmir. Continuing tests of hospital medicines are uncovering more fakes such as “antibiotics” with no active ingredient, intravenous antibiotics used in sick infants and others. The FDA commissioner Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg is currently in India to deal with this serious issue.
  • Latest case of organic farmer against Monsanto’s GMO seeds: Mr. Marsh, an Australian organic farmer discovered in 2010 that his harvest had been contaminated by Monsanto’s GMO seed from his neighbor’s farm. As a result, 70% of his farm’s organic produce has been downgraded from its “organic status” causing him severe financial losses. Mr. Marsh is now suing his neighbor for this loss in a historically first lawsuit of a farmer for damages caused by his Monsanto seeds. If Mr.Marsh succeeds, this case will discourage many farmers worldwide from using GMO seeds fearing they could be facing the same legal responsibilities.
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