Free School Lunches for All Kids, Chinese Chicken Meat on American Market, Harvesting Fall Squash


Our Monday green news bring you the latest on nutrition, good causes and child education:

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  • Free school lunches for all kids: Many school districts in cities  around the U.S. like Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta are already providing free meals for all students, regardless of their family income. This year, some Boston schools will join this program as well. The Free school lunches program is funded by the federal government, and in order to qualify, school districts must have a high concentration of economically disadvantaged students. Can free lunches help fight child poverty in the United States?
  • Chinese chicken meat soon to be on the American market:  The US Department of Agriculture recently approved four Chinese companies processing poultry to start shipping chicken meat to the United States. According to Tony Corbo, senior advocate for food safety: “This is the first step towards allowing China to export its own domestic chickens to the U.S.”. China doesn’t rank high when it comes to food safety, and specifically its chicken products have raised questions due to frequent outbreaks of deadly avian flu, which is not always reported in real time.
  • Harvesting squash in the fall: If you are new to gardening or are harvesting your squash this fall for the first time, find out what are the right signs of maturity, how to best store the produce in winter and much more from the experts at Colorado State University.
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