From Hong Kong With Love (Part 2): A Green Oasis in the Concrete Jungle


This old connecting tunnel in Central Hong Kong just got an amazing facelift, proving that it doesn’t take millions of dollars to turn a sketchy and dull-looking space into a welcoming urban green oasis; people actually enjoy the time they spend walking through it, though it’s indoors and without air conditioning.

green oasis that inspires the public to go green

From Hong Kong With Love (Part 2): An urban green Oasis in the Concrete Jungle

So what’s the recipe for success?

1. Involve local artists: public display is the best way young artists will get a chance to showcase their talents.

2. Use inexpensive but durable materials such as bamboo or recycled materials for benches, tables, shelves, flooring.

3. Incorporate as much greenery as possible, and opt for plants and trees that don’t require too much daylight and are easy to maintain.

4. Work with local conditions, such as light, water sources, accessibility, views.

Green urban oasis by living green with babyThis formula can be applied in almost every town or city in the world, with local conditions and traditions in mind. So get your community involved!

From Hong Kong With Love (Part 2): A Green Urban Oasis in the Concrete Jungle

Source: Get more inspiration from The Central Oasis

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