Get Enough Vitamin D Naturally, Commercial Fruit Smoothies As Bad As Soda, Lego’s New Minifigures Focus on Girls


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  • Get enough vitamin D naturally: Our bodies can obtain enough vitamin D from the sun, but not everybody has a chance or access to enough sunlight every day to get the necessary daily supply. Yes, we can supplement the daily dose with artificially-made supplements, but better yet, we can add three nutritious foods in our daily diet to receive our healthy dose of vitamin D naturally.
  • Commercial fruit smoothies as bad as soda: Some researchers focusing on the health risks connected with consumption of sugary soft drinks now claim that fruit smoothies may be just as bad for you as soda since they contain the same amount of sugar. According to professor Barry Popkin from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: “Smoothies do not actually provide the same health benefits as simply eating a whole fruit or vegetable. So pulped up smoothies do nothing good for us, but do give us the same amount of sugar as four to six oranges or a large coke. It is deceiving.”
  • Lego’s new minifigures focus on girls: The company Lego has been producing toys primarily for boys for over 80 years now. Last year Lego announced  to “deliver meaningful play experiences to girls worldwide.”  Among the company’s new Minifigure Series 11 there is also a female scientist named Bodin, the first female character in the company’s 81-year history. These minifigures are designed to have their body parts removed and re-attached with new pieces to let them swim like fish, slither like snakes, and stomp around like robots. Other minifigures include the Pretzel Girl, Diner Waitress and a Grandma.
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