Green Architecture: Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation


Our Thursday green news bring you the latest on green architecture, climate change, energy and communities:green architecture, innovative design

  • Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation: The LISI House, which stands for living (L) inspired (I) by sustainable (S) innovation (I) designed by Team Austria is the official winner of the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon in Irvine, CA. Team Austria was one of only two European teams in this year’s competition (we featured Czech team with their AIR house last week). Despite challenges such as big cultural and climate differences, the first-time participant was able to overcame both and designed a house that proved itself and won.
  • Los Angeles might become the largest GMO-free zone: Following two major victories in the fight against GMO foods this month: Mexico announced an immediate ban on planting GMO corn, and Hawaii County Council preliminarily approved a bill prohibiting open air cultivation and testing of GMO crops or plants, Los Angeles might be on its way to become the largest GMO-free zone in the country if its latest proposal passes. And in a few weeks Washington State will vote on I-522, its own mandatory GMO labeling law.
  • Do we really care about climate change? The new Nature Climate Change study indicates that humans are too selfish to be willing to “suffer” now in order to prevent future climate change. The study also underscores why “win-win” climate policies are more likely to be the most effective ones. These would include strategies such as innovation investments leading directly to cheap clean energy, rather than policies that make dirty energy more expensive.
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