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If you‘ve already adjusted your own lifestyle so that you do your best to live eco-consciously, preparation for baby‘s arrival should be a natural next step for you. If you’re still working on the transition, the time before baby arrives is the best time to get things organized. Having a green baby shower is a good way to get started on raising your child as green and Earth-responsible as possible. It’s also a great opportunity to engage your friends and family in your efforts.

Our checklist will give you some ideas for a green baby shower:

  1. Invitations: The most eco-friendly way to send your invites is electronically, either via email or using an invitation service like Not only will you save time and money on cards and postage, this service will also keep all invitations and confirmations well organized for you. If you decide to send actual cards to make the occasion more memorable, make your own cards from recycled materials like magazines, old cards, or product packaging–or consider cards made from recycled paper or tree-free cards. And remember to recycle any paper cards you receive from others. green baby shower ideas
  2. Decorations: Besides being fun and a nice way to score baby gifts, a baby shower is a celebration of life, so highlight your Earth-friendly focus with displays of live (potted) plants and flowers, decorating with natural materials like rocks, shells, bamboo, potted grass or even a water fountain. And, if location and weather permit, consider an outdoor setting. Be creative with arrangements of fruit and snack bowls: Edible fruit decorations are distinctive–and nutritious too. For example, carve a watermelon to look like a baby carriage or make carved apple flower cups (shown below).
  3. cupcakes alternativeServing plates: Try to eliminate unnecessary waste from disposable plates and flatware by using “real” tableware and glassware, even if it means an extra washing effort at the end. You’ll show your guests that this occasion is a special one and you’ll also reduce your expenses and help our planet. If your location doesn’t allow dishes, consider using biodegradable or recyclable plates. And don’t forget to place recycling bins next to trash bins to make cleanup easier.

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  4. Healthy meals and snacks: The mom-to-be is most likely watching her diet, but these days it’s common for guests to have food allergies or specific food preferences as well, so it’s a good idea to stick with healthy food choices. It might even be a good idea to display a small card with each dish or bowl describing its contents. Raw snacks like sliced fruit and veggies and smoothies are a great addition to any party; opt for lighter meals including fish, poultry, vegan and vegetarian dishes. Since desserts are a must, look for lighter alternatives to traditional cakes and pies: Fruit-filled chocolate cake or apple strudels can be lower in sugar and butter content. Provide small portions and one-bite snacks to reduce food waste. healthy baby shower snacks
  5. Gifts for mom-to-be: A baby registry is a common practice, and it does make things easier and more practical. Don’t feel shy about asking for organic or Earth-friendly baby gifts. Also encourage your guests to skip traditional gift-wrapping; suggest using a baby blanket or towels instead (you can add this as a note on your invitation or in your baby registry notes). An eco-friendly or cloth diaper cake creates a beautiful centerpiece and a great gift for any expecting parents.

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  6. Gifts for guests: Say “Thank you” to your guests is with a potted plant or herb. You can have labels printed or etched on the pot or container as a reminder of this special occasion. A packet of flower seeds to be planted in baby’s honor is another great and inexpensive idea. Depending on your budget, you can also opt for handmade soaps, candles or organic natural care products.

    green baby shower gifts

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  7. Games and activities: If you want to add some planned activities to the pure joy of sharing friendship and good food, here are some suggestions that your guests might enjoy:
  • Plant a seed or a small tree: If the expecting parents have a garden, terrace or small outdoor space, your guests can each plant a seed in a pot in baby’s honor–or everybody can work together and plant a small tree as a great gesture for the planet and its new occupant.
  • Paint a unique onesie or t-shirt: Prepare white organic onesies or t-shirts and provide natural dyes or non-toxic paints; your guests will have a great time creating a unique gift.
  • Decorate baby’s bottles: Prepare BPA-Free, clear baby bottles and permanent colorful markers; your guests will have a great time decorating a fun baby bottle and Mom can even award a small prize for the best one(s).
green baby shower gifts

Handmade soaps and bars

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