Green Easter Decorations And Healthy Treats


Green Easter decorations and crafts can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be; the possibilities are endless! If you’re working with children, go for simple choices with easy cleanup; empty egg shells, pebbles and stones, seeds, wax, natural dyes and fruits are just a few option.

We’ve selected a handful of simple ideas that can be done with little or no expense and very little time. Share these activities with kids to help them develop their creative skills.

1. Mini planters in eggshells: Sprout seeds in moistened cotton placed inside an empty eggshell. Kids can have fun decorating the shells first.

Easter decorations, green Easter  Easter decorations, green Easter

2. Healthy and easy fruit pies–or simply festive fruit platters–in the shape of an Easter egg.

Easter decorations, green Easter3. Eggshell candles: These require a bit of skil and care when handling hot wax, but kids can decorate the eggshells first and assist in the process. Eggshell candles also make a great gift for schoolteachers or other family members.

Easter decorations, green Easter

Photo and idea courtesy of The Skullery USA via Etsy

4. Nail polish Easter egg decorations: Fun and easy with limitless options. Opt for toxin-free nail polish especially if your kids are part of the fun.

Easter egg decorations

Photo courtesy of Me Gusta Reciclar via FB

5. Natural egg dyes: Food-based dyes found in onion skins, turmeric, beets or instant coffee are a beautiful alternative to commercial egg dyes, and they provide a fun way to teach children about herbs and foods.

Green easter crafts, natural egg dyes6.Healthy homemade treats: kids love sweets on any occasion and especially during holidays. Try some of our healthier alternatives made with whole-wheat flour, such as honey cookies, vanilla nut cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies or even banana bread or muffins with fresh fruit.

healthy easter treats, healthy cookies7. Coffee filter tie-dyed Easter decorations: inexpensive, fun and very kid-friendly. See The Chocolate Muffin Tree for instructions.

Green Easter crafts, Easter decoration

Photo courtesy of The Chocolate Muffin Tree

8. Sweet holiday Egg bread with raisins and nuts: our version of the traditional European egg bread uses whole wheat flour and a reduced amount of sugar and eggs not compromising its delicious taste.

sweet Christmas breadHappy Easter and have fun being creative with your kids!

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