Green Skies On The Horizon

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Our Thursday green news brings you the latest on green architecture, climate change, energy and communities:

  • Green skies are on the horizon: The aviation giant Boeing is trying to make the skies more environmentally friendly by having its aircrafts fly on “green diesel.” Boeing has recently announced that it’s planning to expand the use of sustainable aviation biofuel and is currently seeking approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The newly proposed biofuel cuts down aircraft emissions to at least half of the traditional petroleum-based jet fuel. It’s derived from feedstock such as non-food plant oils, waste cooking oil and animal fats, and algae, and is chemically very similar to other green aviation biofuels, which are already approved by FAA.
  • How few companies take green chemistry mainstream:  Currently ten organizations from the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council including Seventh Generation, Timberland and Valspar are leading a one-year collaborative project focused on taking green chemistry into the mainstream. Since chemicals and toxins have been in the public eye for several years now and awareness of green chemistry is growing, the movement to reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances has reached another level. Many companies have been replacing their products with safer alternatives. For example, company Segetis, a small bio-based chemical manufacturer, has introduced a solvent made from waste wood trimmings and corn stalks that is already used in cleaning products of companies Seventh Generation and Method, delivering results so far unseen in green cleaning.
  • Seven sustainable lighting fixtures: One of the few steps to turn your home or office greener this year is incorporating green lighting sources and fixtures. These seven featured lighting fixtures cover the illumination requirements from small apartment all the way to large and expansive offices. Check out a sleek task lamp with integrated motion and daylight sensors, a biodegradable composite that can be molded into any design element you can imagine, new LED downlights, and more.
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