Green Up Your Child’s Birthday Party


Guest blogger Ashley Knight (Knights of the Green Table) shares her simple and fun ideas for throwing a kids’ party without creating a big garbage pile.

You’ve decided to throw a birthday party! Having a bunch of your favorite people over to celebrate with you is always a good time. However, parties  can come with a lot of garbage! Whatever you choose to celebrate, poor Mother Earth should not be made to suffer for your good times.

green party tipsHere are some simple and fun ways you can throw a party without the garbage pile up!

Skip the party store and visit a thrift store instead! There are so many treasures you can find there:

  • Sheets for tablecloths
  • Cloth napkins; mix and match colors for added fun!
  • Need a cake stand? Make one by using some heavy duty glue and gluing an upside down cup to the bottom of a plate!
  • Mason jars can be used for drinking
  • Frames can display fun pictures of family and/or friends
  • Scraps of fabric and pillowcases can become party flags or banners
  • Need more silverware? Thrift stores always have a bunch to choose from!
  • Mix-and-match dishware

Not only will shopping at the thrift store instead of the party store bring out your creative side, everything is reusable! Throw it all in the dishwasher or washing machine when the party’s over! If you don’t want to keep the stuff after, just donate it all back to the thrift store or give to a family in need.

green birthday partyMaybe you like the idea of the thrift store shopping but don’t really want to do all the dishes and laundry afterwards. Here are some ways you can still have less trash and less clean up!

  • Buy plates and napkins that can be composted
  • Find plastic cups that either have the numbers 1 or 2 on the bottom.  Most recycling centers will only recycle plastics 1 and 2, check with your transfer station.
  • Get long pieces of newsprint paper and have your kiddos create fun pictures on it and then use those as a tablecloth!
  • Look around your home for things to decorate with: mason jars, vases, pictures–get creative!

There are many ways to change up your party routine to create a greener one. Some other simple ideas include composting food scraps, buying from local farmers and using fewer packaged items. One step at a time, we can make a difference and set a good example for family and friends (perhaps you’ll find some of your green party ideas at their next party)!

green birthday party ideas

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Author:Ashley Knight

Ashley Knight is our contributing writer and all natural Mama. She writes about healthy living, nutrition and raising a green baby. She's fully committed to living a more sustainable life while raising her son Cedar and hopes to inspire others through her journey. Read more about Ashley and her family’s adventures at

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