Greener Plastics Made from Greenhouse Gases, Food Waste as Massive Contributor to Carbon Footprint, Ten Toxic Products We Should Avoid


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  • New greener plastics are made from greenhouse gases: Carbon dioxide infusions have become the latest trend in plastic production and this new technology is proving to be a double-win: reducing atmospheric CO2 and improving plastic’s properties. In 2011, scientists developed a method of impregnating plastics with CO2 and this method has grown since. This year, company Novomer announced the production of two plastics made with the greenhouse gas: polypropylene carbonate (PPC) and polyethylene carbonate (PEC). According to Novomer, their PPC polyols are intended as alternatives  to conventional petroleum-based materials.
  • Food waste became a massive contributor to carbon footprint: According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, about one third of all food produced for human consumption gets wasted. That means that over thirty percent of the world’s farmland -approximately 3.5 billion acres -is completely wasted. And on top of that, food waste also represents a huge part of the world’s carbon footprint; over 400 million tons of wasted food creates a greenhouse gas footprint bigger than most countries (except China and the U.S.) because of the immense amounts of energy, water and chemicals used for its production.
  • Ten toxic products we should avoid: Our modern homes and lives are full of chemicals, some more toxic than others, some properly labelled, some not. If you are concerned about having toxic chemicals in your home, especially if you have young children, consider replacing them with non-toxic or natural alternatives. Check out this list of top ten toxic products you absolutely don’t need, that you should avoid and why.
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