Health Reasons to Keep Gluten in Your Diet


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  • Health reasons to keep gluten in your diet: Although recent statistics indicate that about one percent of Americans suffer from Celiac disease, which means they have gluten intolerance; if you don’t have Celiac disease-going gluten-free could lead to other health problems. Among the main risks of avoiding wheat and other grains is lowering your intake of essential vitamins and nutrients, mainly vitamins B and D. Such vitamin and nutrient depletion has other consequences such as lowering production of “beneficial bacteria” in your digestive system leading to constipation and other digestive issues, higher cholesterol levels and other health problems.
  • F.D.A. to ban trans fats based on health risk: The F.D.A (Food and Drug Administration) has recently submitted a proposal to completely ban partially hydrogenated oils, the main source of trans fats. Artificial trans fats, that are common in foods like French fries, fried chicken, doughnuts, cookies, pastries and crackers were found to be an artery clogging substance, which is a major contributor to heart disease from food. Many years after these scientific findings were announced, F.D.A has finally classified them as “unsafe.”
  • Signs of autism might be detectable in the first months of life: A recent study published in the journal Nature and funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health found that deficits in eye contact of 2–6-month-old infants may be an early hallmark of autism. In their study the researchers followed 110 children from infancy to three years of age. Their results indicated that infants who exhibited a mean decline in eye fixation from 2 to 6 months of age were more likely to be later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), as opposed to infants who did not exhibited a mean decline in eye contact. These findings offer a promising opportunity for an early detection and intervention of this rising disease.
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