Healthier Gardening and a Greener Driveway


We’ve unearthed some yard and healthy green garden ideas that are easy on the eyes.

Healthier Gardening and a Greener DrivewayPractically Green has a good basic checklist of where you should direct your green gardening efforts. Topping the list: Nix pesticides in favor of hand-weeding and organic pest repellents. Composting yard waste is another biggie, followed by adding a rain sensor to your sprinkler system to avoid wasting water and expanding your healthy options by growing edibles like tomatoes in your garden, even if you have very little space (lots of veggies and herbs do well in containers).

If you only have indoor space to put down roots, you can up your pad’s cool quotient while you grow cacti and other little green things: These Elliot Modular Planters from Good Erdle (available at Module R) can be arranged around desktops coffee tables, on a terrace or anywhere you want to show off some form-meets-function-meets-green. They’re made of white stoneware clay and come in sets of two, four and eight (via Urban Gardens).

If it’s about time for a new driveway, think about using a better-looking, better-smelling, less-polluting alternative to concrete or asphalt. Here’s an explanation of why permeable pavers and other permeable surfaces–that is, ones that allow water to pass through them––are a greener choice (Apartment Therapy).


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