Healthy Baby and Toddler Checklist


healthy baby checklist, green baby
Caring for our babies and young children the best way possible goes without saying. Many new parents get overwhelmed and need help or advise, yet find themselves confused with too much information out there, often even conflicting information. Therefore we have prepared a healthy baby and toddler checklist to outline some of the most important issues concerning the early years and provide parents with a useful tool:

  • Baby Bath Time: Developing a good bath time routine can be essential for baby’s good night sleep. Baby bath time can be tricky, even for experienced moms–no wonder first-time moms often get nervous. It might take some time to establish a comfortable routine and get your baby accustomed to it, too.
  • Green Diapering and Other Options: For many first-time parents, researching the most eco-friendly and budget-friendly diapering options ends in confusion: Too many choices. Too much conflicting information. And, though scientific studies are divided about the environmental impact of disposables versus cloth diapers, the stats can speak for themselves.
  • Baby Dental Care: Baby teeth may be tiny, but they’re very important. Not only do they function as placeholders for adult teeth, but a young child can have difficulties with chewing and speaking well if he is lacking a healthy set of baby teeth. Make sure baby’s teeth are getting the right care from the start.
  • Diet Full of Fruits and Veggies: A healthy child’s diet should include generous amounts of fruit and veggies, in a colorful range, and organic or locally grown if possible. By eating enough fruits and veggies kids get all the dietary fiber and nutrients that helps their body develop and even their brain.
  • Developmental Milestones: Do you know the “official” milestones that help measure your child’s growth? Here is a helpful guide for children age 0 months to 2 years.
  • How to Recognize Respiratory Problems in Children: Babies and children may experience a variety of breathing issues. When these problems occur, they must be carefully assessed by parents or caregivers to ensure that proper medical care is provided when necessary.
  • Importance of Baby Shoes: As your baby grows and starts walking, proper posture is one of the most important things to watch for, and proper footwear is an important element that may not be the first thing on parents’ minds.
  • Eco and Organic Baby Clothes: Buying eco-friendly clothing for you baby doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out our helpful tips and why it’s important to buy organic.
  • Homemade Baby Food 101: When baby arrives, it’s all very overwhelming at first;  just when you’ve got it figured out, it’s time for a new challenge. At around six months it’s time to introduce the baby to solid food.
  • Potty Training: Potty training represents one of the most challenging task for parents. We asked five moms from around the world to share their potty training experiences–and we’ve turned it into some very practical advice.
  • Children and Anesthesia: Surgery and other procedures that require anesthesia aren’t fun for anybody, let alone a baby or a child. We’ve provided a list of facts that parents should know.
  • Children’s Vaccinations: An increasing number of parents are deciding not to vaccinate their child or to delay the immunization shots for various reasons. In this comprehensive guide we provide some facts to consider when deciding on whether or not to vaccinate your child.
  • Yoga for Babies and Kids: Yoga isn’t just for adults; kids of all ages can get important physical and emotional benefits from learning and practicing yoga; it’s a great way to spend family time and can even help new moms bond with baby.
  • Sunscreen Protection: Good sun protection habits will last your kids a lifetime and may just–pun intended–save their skin. Some basic sunscreen facts can target the most important items and help you keep everyone protected so you can focus on having fun in the sun.

healthy baby checklist, green baby

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