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Grilling is a great way to enjoy summer, but more importantly it’s one of the healthiest–and greenest–ways to prepare meat, seafood, tofu and your favorite vegetables if you know how to do it right.

Marinated meat on grill

Grilling is quick and convenient and adds a unique flavor to food. You can grill several different items at one time, which makes it perfect for friends and families with diverse food preferences. Grilling is healthy because it allows you to cook food to perfection without oils and allows you to cook lean meat without drying it out.

Some tips: Cuts of meat should be at least an inch thick so they stay tender; grilled foods should be flipped halfway through cooking time; marinades are a healthy way to add flavor when you grill (Livestrong).

Tips for greener grilling

Fire up a gas grill, or use hardwood lump charcoal started with a chimney device. The latter method gives off  less CO2 and other chemicals than commercial briquettes, which are also soaked in potentially cancer-causing chemicals that can also promote carcinogenic charring on food. Gas or propane grills save time, get hot instantly and release fewer chemicals into the air. Read more on greener, healthier grilling and how to find chemical additive-free charcoal at Daily Kos.

Beer lovers’ secret

In addition to being a refreshing beverage, beer makes a good meat tenderizer due to its slight acidity, so you can marinate your favorite grilled goodies in it–beer won’t change the meat’s flavor at all. Whether it’s pork chops, beef tenderloin or T-bone steak, place your favorite cuts in a plastic container, add salt and spices, and pour a pilsner or an ale over the meat; cover it up and leave it overnight in your fridge. Then simply put the meat on a grill or baking pan and pour the marinade over it while grilling or baking.
More healthy grilling ideas
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Easy and handy recipes:

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