Heart-Shaped Solar Power Plant


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Photo courtesy of Conergy Australia

  • Heart-shaped solar power plant: The island of Grand Terre, the biggest of the New Caledonia archipelago in the South Pacific, loves solar power so much that its new solar power plant will be built in the shape of a heart. The unique design was inspired by a nearby heart-shaped swath of wild mangrove known as the Coeur de Voh or Heart of Voh. When completed, its 7,888 panels will supply two megawatts of clean energy to the New Caledonian grid and power about 750 homes in this overseas French territory. Already nicknamed the “Heart of New Caledonia“, the power plant that will be constructed by company Conergy Australia, will save an estimated two million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over its projected 25-year lifetime, compared with fuel oil, gas-oil and coal, which generate the majority of the islands’ power today.
  • The Green School project in Bali: Former jewelry designer John Hardy and his wife Cynthia co-founded the Green School in Bali, where kids are educated in an open-air classrooms surrounded by acres of gardens they also learn from. The school is international, about twenty percent of students are Bali locals and some of them receive scholarships. The campus centerpiece is the spiraling Heart of School, which could be called Asia’s largest bamboo building. Hardy has long been an advocate of the use of bamboo as an alternative to construction wood to avoid deforestation. In this off-the-grid school, students are being prepared for traditional British school exams while they also learn how to garden, create and use bamboo for building techniques.
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