Hershey’s Chocolate Soon to Be GMO-Free


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gmo-free chocolate

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  • Hershey’s chocolate soon to be GMO-free: The candy company Hershey’s recently announced it will replace genetically modified sugar beet for cane sugar, switch to non-genetically modified soy lecithin and eliminate artificial vanillin and emulsified polyglycerol polyricinoleate for its most popular chocolate brands, including Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars by the end of the year. Hershey also added it’s working with suppliers to source 100 percent certified and sustainable cocoa, as well as certified sustainable and traceable palm oil. As Hershey president and CEO John P. Bilbrey stated: “We will strive for simplicity with all of our ingredients, but we may not achieve it with every product. This is a journey and it will take time. We are equally committed to sharing what we achieve and what we don’t. For ingredients that may not be as simple, we will explain what they are and why we need them to provide the great flavors, aromas, textures and appearances that our consumers know and love.”
  • Be aware of more ticks and early this year: As Richard Horowitz, MD, tick-borne disease specialist, explains: “Typically ticks, the nymphs, start coming out in early May. But patients are already coming in this year with tick bites, several weeks early.“ According to Bennett Jordan, PhD, entomologist and staff scientist for the National Pest Management Association, the packs of snow acted as a “blanket” for the blood-sucking insects, insulating and protecting them from the cold. Beneath the snow, ticks aren’t exposed to wind and other adverse weather conditions, and the temperature is much more stable throughout the day and night than at the surface. “Also working in their favor is the fact that many tick species possess physiological mechanisms that either help prevent freezing or allow themselves to freeze without any ill effects. And that means there could be more of them, too,” he adds. Parents should be aware and know symptoms of Lyme disease.
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